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AcidFlashGordon 04-29-2009 08:34 PM

New Sig Sauer P226 range report
I recently acquired a new P226 .40 cal S&W and took it to the range for the first time. Several years ago I switched from left-hand to right-hand hold. I'm predominately right handed but left-eye dominant. After familiarizing myself with the Sig, this is the result of my first range visit with it.

First target at 25 feet:

Sixth (last target) at 25 feet:

I ran 200 rounds of 180 grain FMJ through the weapon and I have to say my first impression of how nice it felt when I bought it were correct. I still scatter a few out to the 7 and 8 ring of a B24 target but that can be corrected with practice, practice and more practice. I definitely need to improve so i can qualify for the Corporate Challenge shooting team next year (our team came in second this year with the silver). I missed trying this year because I badly sprained my wrist in a stupid bathtub accident. :(

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