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canebrake 05-02-2009 05:18 AM

My daughter's first shooting experience!
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My daughter, Mari-Kate spent her spring break with me this year. We had talked about firearms in the past and my desire to teach her basic safety, function and shooting but only if she wanted the experience. On her last visit last summer she declined (to my dismay) to accompany me to the range. Even though they don't come with a manual, I have experienced with her older brothers if you make them do what you like, they don't usually respond in kind.

Well we got down to the last few days this visit and guess what? She ask me if I was going to take her shooting!!! When it's their idea, it's got to be good. I was so geeked I had a piss quiver! I talked to her that night about safety, different caliber guns and recoil, that we would leave the range the minute she wanted to go and how I was going to take three guns of varying power for her to try.

The next day I called to find how early the range opened and to make a reservation. I got the noob put-down response, "This ain't no restaurant!" I told you I was geeked.

I packed the Colt Government w/50rds, the 'LADY' G22 w/100rd and the 1914 Mauser 32 ACP w50rds.

It was 86 deg outside and the cheap ba$tards didn't have the A/C blowing cold so we were shooting typical South Florida summer conditions. (HOT)

After a lengthy "don't worry honey you'll be able to handle the 32" by the range matron we entered the sauna. I spent the obligatory time with range safety basics and Mauser familiarization. We hung a 100yd sighting target and ran it out to 12ft. I had her clear the Mauser then take her first sight picture. Trouble in paradise, something as simple to me as sighting was her first stumble! I thought I had her dialed in and went to the next step, go hot. I showed her the mag and told her to load one round. Then came the first shot, didn't even hit the paper. She cleared the gun and I had her put another single round in the mag. Second shot was off paper again. Not looking good for the home team. I like to shoot five round mag at the range, just me I guess. I had her load 5rds and gave her some additional sight instruction. Bang, 5 rounds with three inside the black square! Now we're getting somewhere.

Guess what followed? Dad do you have another gun? Seven shots with the Mauser 32 and it was her idea to step up. Out came the G22 and after the glock familiarization I had her half load a 10 round mag and again we went hot. After the first mag she said I like these sights better than the other one. (Note to self; next noob should start shooting with modern sights!) Four more mags and she had put 25/25 on paper!!!!! That was 28/32 of her first ever shots on paper.

Attachment 2877

She was getting comfortable with the G22 so I taught her what a double tap was, what it's used for and the whole be back on target before you squeeze the second round off. Blew me away....she took to DT like a duck to water but unlike the majority of us her second round was always lower but in a near vertical plane. WOW she was a natural and with some practice I see her being able to ten ring a DT. Her follow-up shot was fast but she was over compensating for the recoil and going low. With this much control with her first 60 rounds I think her future is so bright she'll need to wear sunglasses!

I told her to take a rest while I played with the big-boy toys. She sent a text to her girl friend and then watched me shoot my Colt and it was game over!

She wanted to shoot the Colt! We hung a BG target at ~4M and I walked her through the Coltís safety differences. I then had her load one round in the mag just to be safe. I told her that any hit inside the bottle outline would stop the BG. I did not tell her where to shoot and I did not say a word about the recoil! She lit that puppy off with nary a flinch. She didn't even blink, I know because I watched!

Attachment 2878

I'm not setting this up; this photo was her first shot using my Colt Government! Yes I know the slide isn't locked back, this pic was taken as she started to shoot with a fresh mag. Just look at that great grip!

Attachment 2879

She loaded two rounds and the next attempt was a double tap. First shot was in the left eye and the second was left chest. I snapped the pic when she turned around with that $hit eatin' grin on her face. These three hits are not only her shooting but her first three shots using a 45 ACP! That's my kid!

We ran the rest of the 45 ammo and went back to the G22. This target was the next to last 5rds with a little vertical spread.

Attachment 2880

We retrieved the target and I explained the up and down problem. Asked her to try to control that movement.

Attachment 2881

I call that raw talent! Now here comes a dream come true. She told me she liked the Colt much better. When I asked why her response was "The trigger was smother." She had maybe 35 rounds of 45 and 60+ of the 40 S&W for a total of just over 100 rounds in her life and UN-COACHED saw the difference in the two guns. I told her my glock joke about acquiring the target three times before the damn thing went off and my daughter now knows what take-up means.

We are planing some good times this summer when she visits again. Something to do with shooting my SUR and hitting a target at 100yds with a 7.62x39. Oh yea, she wants to shoot the Defender and the Government but we can leave the G22 at home. God I love that girl!

warrioroftheland 05-02-2009 06:53 AM

awesome. glad you two had a blast. great shooting

dirtbikingdad 05-02-2009 12:20 PM

Great report!!!!

I'm a noobie to this whole shooting thing and I had only been to the range a time or two before I took my whole family. Both my wife and I had the carry class there. Anyway, I didn't break out the camera, even though I wanted to. I was skeered. :(

We took 3 guns as well. A 22 rifle, my Ruger 9mm P95 and a borrowed Taurus 40. We went through a ton of rounds and had a great time. We all did pretty well, but like your daughter, I was most impressed with my oldest son. He's 18 and has very little experience with shooting. However, he loaded my 15 round magazine, grouped 4-5 quick shots to the center chest, another 4-5 on some small round (3-4") target circles above each shoulder and then 1 or 2 to the head! He was quick about it and didn't hesitate at all between the different target areas! Boy, was I impressed. I think it has a lot to do with the young eyes!

It makes you feel a little more comfortable knowing that, if needed, they can handle a weapon and "have your back"! Again, thanks for sharing!

CA357 05-02-2009 05:21 PM

This is the good stuff Cane. Outstanding and her smile says it all.

Well done Dad. :cool:

Cnynrat 05-02-2009 08:34 PM

Way to go! This is a heartwarming story.

SGT-MILLER 05-02-2009 11:39 PM

Great to hear, Cane!!!!

It's nice to hear a nice bonding story. It doesn't happen enough these days.


canebrake 05-03-2009 12:07 AM

Thanks guys, I'm truly blessed.

Gojubrian 05-03-2009 03:05 AM


Originally Posted by canebrake (Post 101465)

Yes you are!! :applause!!:

WomenofCaliber 05-04-2009 03:42 PM

:D This is awesome!! Way to go Cane!!

Dillinger 05-04-2009 03:48 PM


Originally Posted by CA357 (Post 101336)
This is the good stuff Cane. Outstanding and her smile says it all.

Well done Dad. :cool:

Quoted for Truth right there....

Awesome story and excellent results. Much respect to the Proud Papa!!


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