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subie-jeep 09-18-2011 04:21 AM

Kahr CW9
So recently I decided that I wanted to start carrying something a little bigger than my little LCP,but i just didn't like carrying my Glock 19 all the time.It's just to bulky for someone with a slightly thinner than average frame like myself ,and it would print bad unless I wore a heavy sweatshirt.I found myself leaving it at home and just stuffing the LCP in my pocket,with a pocket holster of course, and out the door i went.

I had my eyes on the Ruger LC9 for a while now,and figured now is the time,so off to the gun store!!!!!!:D I stood over the case enjoying all the eye candy for a few minutes before one of the guys behind the counter came over and snapped me out of my trance.I told him i was lookin' for a small 9mm,and i was leaning towards an LC9.He then pulled out the LC9, a big old fat Sig,and then out from hiding behind a Taurus something or other comes the CW9.

I didn't even look at the Sig,it was even bigger than my G19,not what i was looking for.I grabbed the LC9 first,felt good in my hand,but it just didn't feel like the one.I tend to like a lower profile gun,don't really know why,I just do.The trigger felt good but I'm not really picky when it comes to triggers just as long as they aren't super heavy.I picked up the Kahr and compared size,almost identical but the Kahr is slightly longer.I set the LC9 back on the case and got my grip on the Kahr,instantly i knew this was the one.It fit my hand perfect and it had a low profile just like i like.The fact that it didn't have a loaded chamber indicator or a magazine disconnect safety was a huge plus to me.

After playing with the Kahr for a minute i compared prices:LC9 $359.99 not bad,CW9 $374.99. I then looked back at the sales guy and said "Why don't you give me some paperwork to fill out".He then went to the back room to get the case and few short minutes later i was out the door.

Took it to the range that evening,put 150 rounds down range without even one little hiccup.Went to the range again tonight and put another 100 through it and still flawless.

I'm not a very good pistol shooter,by that i mean i suck,but here is a 7 round group from 10yds. from tonight.

subie-jeep 09-18-2011 04:23 AM

just a few pics for size comparison


afi1 09-18-2011 09:14 AM

Good choice. A friend had one a while back, and after buying a CM9 for my wife, I tried to buy it from him, but he had already sold it. It's a really good size, and shoots very well in my experience. It's got enough grip that those not used to having their pinky finger hanging off the grip on the PM/CM series will like it. What are you carrying it in? I can reccomend the Crossbreed Supertuck for any semi-auto. I hide a Glock 23 every day under a t-shirt in one, and I'm 6'2, 200lbs. So long as you wear a good, sturdy belt and keep your pants where they're supposed to be, there are no issues with it. Good shooting by the way. Get yourself an extra mag and train hard.

Texanbybirth 09-18-2011 01:50 PM

I carry my CW-9 every day. I only pocket my LCP for church. I use a Hogue Handall Jr. on my CW-9. I like the tacky grip and molded fit. The slight added bulk sits just above my belt, so the gun still feels good on my hip. I use a Holster King holster. That holster will fit just about any gun CW-9 and bigger.

doolan 12-21-2011 11:21 AM

Enjoy! Have the original all steel K9, the CW45 and the CM9. All have been flawless with over 300 rds FMJ and HPs through each. Now they're bringing out the CM40 and most likely a CM45. Thanks Kahr for making them affordable for everyone.

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