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wolverine_173 03-22-2014 06:53 AM

GoPro shooting with CZ, Sig, Ruger
went out to test the go pro and had some real fun with some balloons




starfire 9mm

Gatoragn 03-22-2014 10:29 AM

Looks like you had a good time. :cool:

jjfuller1 03-22-2014 12:22 PM

looks like fun.

wolverine_173 03-23-2014 02:58 AM

its alot of fun, steel would be best but its expensive, balloons take time to set up but its great fun

wolverine_173 03-25-2014 07:01 AM

ill do it again with a mp shield a sig p226 and a ruger sr9 if i can get my friends to let me borrow them

wolverine_173 03-27-2014 07:04 AM

can anyone recommend some inexpensive steel targets and a good way to hang them up?

wolverine_173 04-05-2014 04:19 PM

anybody use steel targets?

jjfuller1 04-07-2014 09:51 PM

I just use scrap steel that my uncle gets from work. Hung on either a chain or rope. That's hung off a rope ran between 2 trees :)

wolverine_173 04-09-2014 07:15 AM

i found a good price on shootingtargets7

ill see how they hold up

Boyerracing343 04-09-2014 06:11 PM

Too cool! Thanks for sharing. Nice shooting

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