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wreck1819 01-30-2012 06:56 PM

first time
My buddy just got a little keltec .380 and asked me to go to the range with him to go try it out. So i loaded up some new reloads into my SA 1911 GI to see how they do and we rolled out. The only thing was that this was my very first time to go to a "official" range so i had no idea what to expect. When we showed up i first got pissed off cause everybody was shooting way to close for my liking (7 yard line). But after a bit of shooting i relaxed a bit and they started talking to us, but not to each other even though me and my buddy were the only college students. And to top it all off, to my surprise they thought we were in law enforcement cause of our shooting. I did manage to get a guy to let me police his .45 brass so i came out about 100 more than i went in. Overall it was a good experience and I'll probably go to a few more ranges every now and again, but you can't beat good ol' free private property.

wreck1819 01-30-2012 06:59 PM

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Here's my target not my best shooting since I was nursing a pretty bad hangover, but it was miles better then everybody else's. The circled group was me shooting my buddy's 380, and the bottom right was shooting rapidly.

c3shooter 01-30-2012 07:58 PM

Just remember- in defensive shooting-

FBI stats were that huge percentage (about 80% IIRC) were at 21 feet or less. Being good at 2 meters can be really important.

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