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Apex-Predator 03-01-2013 01:57 AM

Finally got to try out the Deep Curls
I have been asking about this bullet for quite some since Speer is replacing their value Hot Core bullet with it. Information on them is still quite limited so I decided to post my findings today, I loaded them in the 6.5x55 since my brother has kidnapped my 30-06. Overall the accuracy was excellent with a broad range of RL22 powder charges, it shot .626" with 42.5gr, .508" with 44.5gr and a .499" group with 46.6gr loaded to 3.095". While that always has been an accurate rifle, shooting around the 1/2" mark with such a broad range of powder charges 1st time out is impressive even by Tikka standards. I did not notice any increase in pressure like Speer was talking about, but the ones I got are the coated in 6.5mm I am not sure if my uncoated 270, 7mm and 30 cals will be the same, I'll keep you posted. At published modern action max loads they did not even exhibit any pressure signs and I am quite thrilled with that. Really impressed I cannot wait to work them up in the 06 and 270 WSM.

Intheshop 03-01-2013 10:14 AM

Back when my kids were little and we were struggling for money,would go to a range I belonged to and pick up range lead(had permission,before range opened for the day).Dirt berm @100,but was used for general handgun shooting as well.Had canvas 'tote" bags to drag it all home for casting new bullets.

What an eye opening experience.Got to where calling out calibres was easy enough....then guessing weight sort of followed suit.Got to where even manufacturer would be apparent.......All this,from picking up mangled,dirty bullets.

A square based Speer hotcore is well balanced,holds together good up to about 80% of total fragmentation.Just sayin,its been a VG bullet for a loooong of my favs is their 100 g .243.It'll be interesting,over the years to see how well they compare in that,"value role".

Apex-Predator 03-01-2013 04:57 PM

I got mine for $23-$26 per 100 (6.5mm, 270, 7mm, and 308) that is as good a value as I have seen in a while (yes on sale, and yes I bought eight boxes of them), assuming they actually perform as intended on game, which Speer has always been a good brand as you say, still it is sad to see the Hot Cores phased out even if the new bullet is absolutely fantastic.

Intheshop 03-01-2013 09:25 PM

One of the reasons "powder coating" has/is being pushed as an alternative to "paint" is its easier to deal with on an EPA level.

So,I'd bet a dime to a dollar Speer's phasing out of "hot cores"(where the core is melted/poured in)is in that general direction.Chemical bonding is nothing new in bullet world.

I'm a sq base kind of guy.Yes,we load and shoot a lot of BT's(Boat tail).But until the ydg's really get out past a cpl hundred yds.....there ain't a whole lot of advantage.But theres quite a few dis-advantages.They're harder to make than a sq base,most BR bullets are sq base for this reason.And they're harder to retain the cores.Back in my range lead days.......there was always a disproportionate number of empty BT jackets(cores spit out on impact) compared to even "value" lines of sq base.And don't take this litely.I'm talkin picking up dang near a sm pickup truck's worth.

Wish I cared more about jacketed bullet manufacture.....duh.We have pretty much everything it takes to make them.If you get a chance,read John Nosler's autobiography.Started in his garage with a Bridgeport milling machine,he's one of my hero's.

Apex-Predator 03-01-2013 11:49 PM

Actually that is some new high tech dry lube to prevent extra pressures from forming due to the pure copper jacket (no zinc to harden/slick it) The DCs actually have a decent BC for longer range shooting, no they won't run with the A-Max at long range but they are close enough to the boat tails that I would not feel handicapped out to 400yds which is about as far as I have ever or ever intend to shot game, all of mine run in the high .400s BC range.
The Hot Core never was bonded in any way, if you cut one in half the core falls right out, but since they did not require any lubricant to slide the core into the jacket the core was not really prone to slipping out on impact either since it had friction against the jacket.

Apex-Predator 03-30-2013 03:19 AM

Update: I got to try out my DCs in my 7mm-08, very happy with their performance as well, not as good as the 6.5x55 but given the fact that my Browning hates nearly everything I was ecstatic with them grouping right around the 1" mark, did not get to try them in the 30-06 though since my SIL has fallen in love with that rifle and I will probably never see it again LOL She shot her first sub 1/2" group with it the other day and has not let it go since. I continue to be impressed with these bullets, I cannot wait to try them on game.

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