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yesicarry 04-21-2010 02:39 AM

Finally got the Lil' Woman to the range
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I tell ya what, My woman can shoot better than most I know. First was the M4. All hits on target at 25 yds.. Not just paper but target. Little low but this was basically a trip to learn the firearm. Not accuracy. But she still blew my mind. First time with anything bigger than my 10/22.
Then to the pistol range. First time with her pistol. PT111 Pro.. Which she lets me carry everyday..And has yet to shoot it.. MY BAD I know !!.. Holy Moly.. Within the first mag. she planted one in the bull.. Then paid attention to grip, supporting hand placement and stance. More shots in the bull..

I have gotta be the most proud husband/daddy right now..

Our 3 yr. old was an angel. The "RED LINE" during a cold range was observed at all times. What is really cool,.. My Daughter sees that Mommy can shoot too and is for girls too.. I am blessed.

CA357 04-21-2010 02:43 AM

Great stuff! Cutie pie daughter too.

yesicarry 04-21-2010 02:44 AM

then the 9mm
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Isn't the little snarl look cute ?.. She's gonna kill me for posting that one. But hey, with results like that at 21 feet, first time.. She can make any face she wants to !!.. That's my girl..

CA357 04-21-2010 02:46 AM

That's minute of bad guy all day. :cool:

yesicarry 04-21-2010 02:47 AM

Thanks CA357.. Dont let her fool you.. Her nickname is TORNADO..

Tornado is for my daughter. Just to be clear.. Mom's is Hurricane..

I hope Hurricane doesn't read this...hehe...

Gojubrian 04-21-2010 03:30 AM

Great times and great shooting. She should have no problem defending the homefront!

Jo da Plumbr 04-21-2010 03:44 AM

That was some good pistol shooting.

Txhillbilly 04-21-2010 03:58 AM

Your wife did really good for the first time out. It looks like everyone had a good range day.

doctherock 04-21-2010 04:49 AM

Looks like a ton of fun. Sure wish my weather looked like yours. Probably be another month before me and the wife get out shooting. Thanks for the great post.

Troy Michalik 04-21-2010 02:10 PM

Now that she's been to the range . . . . wait till SHE starts buying guns.:eek:

Congrats though. Nothing like getting the whole family involved. Pass on our support and excellent job to your better half as well.

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