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Don't Do That Dudes

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I can't search on this electronic device of mine.

So my apology if this is a duplicate post.

>> Woman dies after apparently accidentally shooting herself in the head at Missouri gun range. << link

the woman was shooting a .500-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun

And some people (in this thread) don't see a problem with starting off at too high a caliber first.

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I'm a big burly guy, 6'2", 280 lbs, and I use 22LR all the time.

Most other guys I know do too. I started with 22s, but more

important, I still use them often. They are an important

part of my shooting paradigm. Even now, today, although

I have other calibers to choose from.
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Originally Posted by proffitt View Post
Its not the caliber that's degrading its assuming women should start out w small caliber. Anyone properly instructed can fire anything regardless of male of female. That was my point. I think. 22 are great starters but not for everyone.
I'm am a recoil junkie to a point and I'm sure there are calibers that I would not enjoy or even want to fire. I don't see 22s as starters, I enjoy shooting my several 22s, but I am secure with my masculinity. I have many other calibers and enjoy them all as they each have their place, but the 22lr is the one I would choose for its versatility to put meat on the table in a survival situation.
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My wife cut her teeth on a mod 10 Smith. She never has liked shooting a semi auto and much prefers a revolver. It was her choice to shoot what she did to start though. She watched me shoot several before she choose to use the 38. My daughter and sons started with a 22 rifle then moved to 22 pistols and up from there. THey where kind of small (9-10 yrs.) and they had to let me know when they where ready to shoot. I would ask them to come with me to shoot and if they wanted to I would start then with handling, safety, and the other basics of shooting.

Personally I think it's easy to turn off someone form shooting by putting more gun in a new shooters hand hand they are comfortable with. I also never understood the humor some seem to get from doing it.

The end result for me was I ended up with some pretty good shooters that really enjoy doing it. My wife and daughter both are deadly accurate.
My son...Well, he does pretty well but those women can make us men look a little foolish at times on targets.

For me the whole idea if wanting to teach any one else about shooting is to help create another person that enjoys both the recreation of shooting as well as their desire to exorcise their right to protect themselves and heir families. We have had women form my wife's work show a lot of interest and after a little while here some bought their own guns and have went on to take their concealed carry tests. That to me is a win-win. At least a couple of these women where pretty scared at first due to an old boyfriend or ex husband that thought it was funny to put a 44 mag or 357 into a inexperienced young woman's hands to see them freak out.

We do the whole gun culture here a great service to help people that want to become safe and experienced shooters. For me the best wat to start that si to start them off with something that hey feel comfortable with to start off with. I have all kinds of guns around here. No reason to swing for the fences on the first try.
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When my wife 1st went shooting with us, we offered smaller caliber guns. She seemed slightly bored with that, (she's kinda anti, and doesn't like guns anyway), but then we offered something bigger. Which she shot no problem. No squealing, no drops, no face smash. And, she seemed naturally able to keep the thing pointed in the right direction.
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The first ime my wife ever shot a firearm we were at a friend's rifle range, and I was sighting in my dad's old .270. She asked to shoot it, and at first I was reluctant to let her. After a few more shots to check zero, I thought about it, and loaded one in the chamber for her. The only reason I let her start on that rifle is it is fairly heavy, and has almost no recoil. She did fine with it, and moved up to my friend's .30-06 by the end of the day. She now uses one of my Mosin Nagant M44s as her deer rifle.

When I started her with pistols, I most certainly was not going to start her on my 1911, or my mom's old Jennings J 22. Too much recoil with both, my GP 100 kicks less than that little .22 does. I started her with light .38 Special hand loads in my GP 100, and gradually worked her up to full power magnums over several range trips. She now can handle any of the handguns in my collection, and neither one of us is looking to go any bigger than the .45 family. Anything bigger is just a waste of power IMO.

I think the reason so many men start women off with too big of a caliber is so that they will loose interest in their "manly" hobby, an attitude that sends the message of "You should still be home barefoot and pregnant, chained to the stove." Gender roles have changed, and some men don't really wish to acknowledge this.

The other reason could be that all the man has is large caliber compacts because they are what is currently getting the most advertisement, and what is available in high numbers in most LGS. Most men never think to look for something she can handle, because they are not her, and do not share her build.

The "men" described in the OP are jackazzes. Not only are they turning away a person who could be a strong ally in the fight to keep the 2A intact, they are also endangering others at the range. I have seen this on a couple of occasions at ranges I frequent, and have "borrowed" the wife, girlfriend, etc. to introduce them the right way, using light loads and a handgun\rifle with more mass. Guys who pull that kind of cr@p deserve a good swift kick in the azz IMO.
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When young men are introduced to shooting sports it is almost always with a 22 rifle or a 410. Yet when they introduce their wives to shooting they use a small pistol that an experienced shooter would have a hard time hitting anything with. The best way to teach someone to handle firearms is with a rifle. The sights line up on a pistol the same way as a rifle, except the rifle has a longer sight plane so the new shooter is successful right away. Success builds confidence, confidence is the key to being a winner in self defense.
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The first shot my daughter ever fired was at 10 yards through a 4" Mod 19-7 shooting .38 Special Gold Dots. Right in the X for her first shot. The next 5 were grouped in about a 3 inch group. After that she will shoot anything, but she's not really wild about .40 S&W.
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I started out with .22 Colt Diamondback and then went up to a S&W 36 .38 special. I started out my girlfriend out on a .22 and now she's fine with a .45. It just takes time.
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disappointed & disgusted, But DETERMINED...
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Originally Posted by therewolf
I'm a big burly guy, 6'2", 280 lbs, and I use 22LR all the time. Most other guys I know do too. I started with 22s, but more important, I still use them often. They are an important part of my shooting paradigm. Even now, today, although I have other calibers to choose from.
While I'm not "as Big" as you Wolf(5'9" & about 235 after yesterday's Dr. Appt.....I've now lost 140 Pounds since January!) I don't consider 22's for "Small" people. 22's are for Anyone who wants to practice, compete, etc, etc...

"The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will." Vince Lombardi

"No One, and I MEAN NO ONE Craps on me and Gets away with it!!! Those days are gone...
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