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mbcoulter 03-11-2013 03:52 PM

CZ 527m & Savage Mark II
CZ 7.62x.39 + tulamao 124 gr HP, Simmons 6x scope. Shot from sandbags.

All-in-all I am pretty happy considering I'm using cheap ammo. Someday I will spring for good, brass-cased ammo. Right now I am happy to shoot what I can find. Fortunately our local gun shop has a good supply of Tula/Wolf.

50 yards
Over adjusted scope on 3rd shot to the right.

100 yards
Zero distance - no scope adjustment

200 yards
Point of aim for 1st shot near top of target. Subsequent shots aimed at center and +8 clicks.

And I had to still shoot some 22 while there. This is with my Savage Mark II FV (tupperware stock, heavy barrel) + UTG 4-16x40 scope:

100 yards
Good old CCI - SV

200 yards
Remington Yellow Jacket HV - 5th shot was high, just off the top of the target. I was doing a 5 mildot holdover from my previous 100 yard distance.

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