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Gatekeeper 11-07-2009 08:59 PM

Broke in new Ruger LCR
Took out my new Ruger LCR 38special today.
Shot a box of pvri patrizan 158gr LRN.
Top target was aimed slow fire 25rds @21ft. Was hitting low left took a little finger contact off the trigger
and it started to hit a little closer to center.
Bottom target was rapid fire 25rds @10ft + 5rds of Fed 129gr Hydra-Shok +P
Recoil was surprisingly light with the 158grLRN given the @14oz weight of the LCR. The +P Hydrashoks would open your eyes a bit :D,
but was still managable and not at all painful in rapid fire.
I've never been a very good shot with a revolver, I need to work on my grip and trigger control, but hope with practice I can get better.
No probs. or malfunctions, Think this is gonna be a great little carry piece---Ken

canebrake 11-07-2009 09:34 PM

I think the big difference between the target load and the Hydra-shock + Ps has more to do with the Serbian light loads.

I'm a recoil junkie and when I got my Elsie Ahrr I was shooting 38 specials and some 38 special + P's. Both were talking to my arthritic wrist! Not a show stopper but a hand full for a 13.5 oz hand gun.

With experience, and adapting a NON-1911 grip, I found a significant improvement in comfort.

After buying a brick of the privi with it's lighter loads, shooting this light weight is simply a blast.

I recommend trying point shooting. NOT "fast draws" but at PD distances shooting off hand.

I find this snubby easy to accurately shoot one handed. At 4 meters I can put the double tap into COM before my weak side hand comes to the gun.

Gojubrian 11-08-2009 05:31 PM

Those are just some cool little revolver's! Thanks for the pic and write-up. :cool:

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