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Garadex 06-20-2013 01:47 AM

Best range day ever.
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Got to shoot a Thompson and an MP5. Not that exciting right. They were both full auto. Here's the two targets I shot.

Attachment 106689

Attachment 106696

The top one was shot with 40 rounds; half were 9mm the other half were .45 ACP. The bottom was with only 9mm. It's interesting to see the difference in bullet holes and how the .45 drags and rips more than the 9 which punches a cleaner hole. Lots'a fun and it cost lots'a money. After that we shot my .22 and my dad's .40.

Two days after that I picked up the first gun that I purchased. A Marlin model 60. As soon as I got home I put Tech-Sights on it as I hate the stock open sights. I then tried to clean it, I didn't have the right allen wrench and by this time it was 10 at night. The hardware store had to wait till morning. Finally with the wrench in hand I cleaned the action and barrel. They really needed it packing grease and other junk of unknown origin came out. Had to wait till Monday to shoot it. It's really accurate and the Tech-Sights rock. There were about a half in high at 25 yds and just a tiny bit to the right. I got an inch group with the largest one being an inch and a half. That's great shooting for me and my skill level. Of course I have pics of the gun.

Attachment 106698

Attachment 106699

Attachment 106700

Attachment 106701

Yesterday I got a sling in the mail and today I finished installing the swivels. I didn't scratch or crack the stock and screwed both of them in straight with the front one being slightly to the left, but nonetheless turned out good.

Attachment 106702

Attachment 106703

Attachment 106704

And here are more pics because I know how all of you are.

DFlynt 06-20-2013 09:40 PM

Sounds like you had a rip roaring good day! :D

molonlabexx 06-20-2013 09:46 PM

Awesome! I love gun purchasing days!!

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