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JonM 03-05-2011 08:53 PM

Bersa DAY!! Plus Sig P220
woke up with big plans to spend a day at the out door range only to have it smashed to bits by a healthy little snow storm. so plans changed and instead went to the indoor range and took a friend of the wife and mine to start the process of her learning to fire handguns. a few months ago in december an acquantance atteempted to rape her in her own home. she fought him off and decided she wanted to learn to shoot.

started her out on the bersa thunder 22 which after a few hundred shots she finally got over her nervousness and i let her try out the sig220 bersa 380 colt series 70 and new agent. she decided she liked the colt series 70 the best and fired about 65 rounds through it. by the end of the shoot she was able to easily land all 8 rounds into a pie plate at 10yds.

anyway on to the report!!

first up the Sig P220. my 220 has been in my collection since 1986. its had nearly 100k rounds thru it and been rebuilt 3 times in the course of its life. now however its purely a range gun. i find it hard to get good groups due to the mushy DA trigger. its got a bit of creep and isnt very crisp. but it can still shoot when i put some effort into it. its pretty unchanged and still like it was when i got it except for the hogue rubber grip panels.

its about a dependable gun as any out there would definately rate it as my goto after the 1911 for a fulsize firearm.

a while back i made a post about some faulty corbon ammo i had purchsed. i finally remembered to bring it to the range and ran it thru my new pink bersa thunder 380. power levels varied shot to shot i could feel a distinct drop in power from some round due to the bullets being loose in the case but all fired and functioned landing neatly into a nice 20 shot grouping.

bersa thunders are in my opinion the best little pocket guns on the market.

JonM 03-05-2011 08:53 PM

Finally the gun i had big hopes for performing well the bersa thunder 22. i ordered this gun back in january and it showed up thursday this week. for a range test i took the worst bulk ammo i had left in the back of the gun safe. this stuff was sitting waiting to be run thru the ccmg AR15 conversion. well i now have a gun other than the cmmg that will run anything.

the shoot wasnt without a few teething issues.

i started with some good ammo first however. it really liked the cci blazer which is the cheaper version of the minimag.

i started the grouping tests after about running 500 rounds of crappy ely target ammo it ate all the ely just fine but i forgot to take any grouping shots with it.

next the trusty cci minimag. now is about when the mag plate started malfunctioning i couldnt figure out why it wasnt loading the full ten in the mag and of course i forget to bring a toolkit.

winchester bulk red box 36 grn. my ruger mk2 sig mosquito and walther ppk refuse to cycle with this ammo. the bersa thunder... not a even a hiccup

finally the wood box bulk winchester ammo from cabelas. cool little wooden box. incredibly shtty ammunition. as you can see in the pic there are 3 flyers. those are not due to bad shooting those are actually several underpowered rounds that barely came out of the barrel and didnt cycle the gun at all. there was no recoil from those shots and barely a pop.

two of the bullets actually went in sideways keyholing.

Bersa Thunder 22 i would say is a fantastic little gun. just as reliable as its bigger brothers. want a gun that isnt picky about ammo GET ONE!!!

now the only issue i had as mentioned above was around 500 rounds in the magspring escaped. turns out i reassembled the mag incorrectly when i did the initial cleaning and it popped loose inside the mag body preventing it from loading a full ten.

i used mobil 1 5w30 synthetic to oil it liberally and it finally stopped functioning around 800 rounds down range with the crappy cabela bulk winchester sticking empties in the chamber. i would still prolly be shooting if i had remembered to bring a cleaning kit *sigh*

i am extremely happy with the thunder 22 it exceeded my expectations.

Boyerracing343 03-05-2011 09:05 PM

Nice shooting!! I dig the sig, and the bersa. Thanks for sharing.

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