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diggsbakes 01-29-2010 04:30 PM

AK 47, Accessories and Ammo Range Report
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All tests were with a standard WASR 10, surplus and Wolf FMJ ammo.

OK, so this range session was actually supposed to start Monday, but from the time I left my house to when I reached the range (~35mi ESE) the wind had picked up to a steady 30mph with gusts probably exceeding 45mph. I would take a target out to my stand and it would usually begin tearing apart in my hands before I could tape it up. So with out wanting to waste the day I just shot around at various pieces of wood, rocks, dirt clods, etc.

Yesterday was much different. It was nice and cold (~20-25 F) at 10:00AM very calm with a light dusting of snow on the ground and more flurries beginning to fall. I was the only one out there (as usual for a Monday or Thursday) and as I left the club house I was told to take my time as today was on the house.

I got set up at 50 yards to start, perched up on a shot up stool and 6"x6" heavy timber and began adjusting my front sight, a KNS duplex, cross-hair reticle replacement. With the original front sight post I was having windage issues, but after getting elevation dialed in, it required no further adjustment. I got up off the stool, threw some other scrap lumber out, spread around from 50-75 yards and began practicing target acquisition. After you get used to it, this sight allows much faster and accurate pick up than your standard diameter post. After about 2 mags and lumber disintegrated I went back to my stool.

I installed a quick detachable side scope mount and a cheap NCStar 2-6 x 28mm scope, (Hey it's an AK what more do you want?;)) and a Wilson Combat recoil buffer. I got it zeroed at 50 yards, then set my stand back up at 100yards. I couldn't tell much difference with the recoil buffer in place, but the recoil from an AK has never been a factor for me in the first place. So I attached what it put on paper.

So after knowing it was hitting pretty true I went back to shooting at scraps laying between 75-100 yards with the scope on. Target acquisition was much slower, but I'd hit them every time, even when the hold was a little off, as opposed to the iron sights, in which I could get more rounds down range, but with a few misses here and there.

I ran out of my mil-surp ammo (don't really know which country, box read 20 stuck, with the two little dots over the u?) and switched to Wolf. I put another paper back up (sorry didn't save) and printed another 30 rounds. The Wolf was not nearly as consistent as the mil-surp, but that didn't stop me from blasting through another 200 or so rounds of it. :)

Sometime in the middle of my blasting I installed an adjustable bi-pod, and it threw point of impact WAY off. It was quickly removed and put back in box.

Before I left (the snow started coming down pretty hard) I removed the scope mount and re-installed. To my pleasant surprise it held zero "good enough" and I removed it again.

Throughout the session 6 mags were used, 3 30rd and 3 40rd, 4 (2 of each) of eastern European origin and 2 KCI (one of each). The only one that acted up was the KCI 40rd. It wouldn't feed last 4-5 rounds on every occasion it was used and was subsequently marked with an X.

In all about 400 rounds were spent and the AK seemed to be asking for more. :)

canebrake 01-29-2010 04:58 PM

Good stuff!

You know you could shoot all day down here without that white stuff falling on you!

Have you modified the safety for slide lock-back yet?

diggsbakes 01-29-2010 09:58 PM

I love that white stuff when its falling, not so much today while its melting. Ugh.

No I haven't modified for slide lock-back yet. Is it a must? Enlighten me.

VitSports6 01-29-2010 10:17 PM

Looks like your AK was happy, I agree on the snow is awesome till it decides to melt.

This is an older post I had elsewhere...

I was reading around and noticed some info about a "bolt hold open" trick for when you are out at the range and you need to show that your weapon is empty.
So I gave it a shot...

I bought some bluing to refinish the cut area, I think it turned out nicely.
Nothing too exciting, But if I ever find myself out at the Lee Kay Center, I will have my saftey.

AK 47 Bolt Hold Open - Utah Firearm Forums

If this isnt what you were chatting about then dont mind me :D

diggsbakes 01-29-2010 11:00 PM

Oh. . . I get it. Sorry I was slow picking that one up, I've never really gone to ranges to shoot and the owner/operators of the range I frequent aren't too concerned with that stuff. There's never more than one party inside a berm and they are familiar with the usual pistol/rifle suspects so they just let us be, knowing we're safe. Just so long as we pickup all the non-biodegradable debris from what ever we blow up that day.

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