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zhuk 08-30-2009 01:47 PM

5th rifle comp
Took part in my 5th time rifle shooting today...finally got around to standing, no more bloody bipod now! I'm on the same level playing field as everyone else from here on.

Very much harder than sitting (unsurprisingly, heh) and the fact that a small gale was blowing intermittently made it also rather, uh challenging! I knew pretty well just where I wanted to be aiming, but often - dammit! - a gust would blow just as I pulled the trigger lol. Murphy's Law of rifle competitions I guess huh :rolleyes: You'll notice the 7th & 8th shots on the 4-foot application were WAY off lol

Fun in any case. Can't wait for a calm[er] day in future.

Couple of pics of our esteemed club president, George:
100m 10 round standing application 4ft target
100m 10 round standing snap 3 sec exposure

[A Master Grade shooter (lookit all those patches!) he's just been allowed back at the range after a 4-month ban due to the "bitter & twisted f*ckwits" at the NSWRA/New South Wales Rifle Assoc. That's our chief RO & armourer's description, not mine...although I agree with the sentiment. Won't go into it here, it's all a political sh*tstorm, the way organisations & certain tin-pot generals leading them can be]


And since our club is the Naval Reserve Rifle Club, our comp today was dedicated to Operation Jaywick, a truly incredible SF operation conducted against the Japanese in WW2. These men paddled 31 miles in canoes from a disguised fishing trawler to lay limpet mines on Jap ships off Singapore. All were successful in their mission & survived to return...many of the brave participants risking their lives were Naval Reserve volunteers, hence the connection.


The Japanese authorities in Singapore were completely surprised by the raid. Never suspecting such an attack could be mounted from Australia, they assumed it had been carried out by local saboteurs, most probably pro-Communist Chinese guerillas. In their efforts to uncover the perpetrators, a wave of arrests, torture and executions began. Local Chinese and Malays, as well as interned POWs and European civilians were targeted in this program. The incident became known as the Double Tenth, for 10 October, the day that Japanese secret police began the mass arrests.
Lest we forget.

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