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JeanClaudeSegal 10-08-2009 08:06 PM

50GI vs 10mm vs .45 vs 454 casull Balistic Testing with Pics
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Hello ive posted this on a few other forums.I thought i should share my experience with you fine people over here...

Had some extra time on my hands yesterday so i took a few hrs at the range to do some of my own Balistic comparison testing using 3 sets of wet soapy phone books submerged for 1hr measuring a total of 17inches per stack..And below i have posted some pics of the depth results and expansions...My velocities might not be accurate since my guns are not full length in size so you might wanna average a few hundred fps less than what is listed below..All tests were shot from a distance of 17ft...I will list from best to worst..From my tests the best expansion was the 50GI SCHP which measured 1.05" Shot from Glock21SF .50GI conversion 4.6" Barrel...2nd place 454 Casull Barnes X HP,expanded .65" ,Shot from Ruger Alaskan 2" Snub...3rd place 10mm Federal HydraShock expanded .63" Shot from Glock29 3.7" barrel.... 4th place The Gold Dot and Magtech .45 both expanded at .50" Shot from Glock21sf 4.6" Barrel... 5th place The Winchester SXT expanded at .48" Shot from Glock21SF 4.6" Barrel...and the Aguila had no Expansion when shot from Glock21SF 4.6" Barrel..The Aguila bullet is a fragmenting bullet that is suppose to fragment into 3 pieces when impacting soft tissue...In this case nothing happened so i gave it last place...As for penetration I have it listed below with the pics..The penetration results i tried to take exact measurements since it was hard to do this with a measuring tape using phone books..The Best penetration so far that i have seen from my guns is the .454casull penetrating at a whopping 15"......Hope you guys enjoy the pics and feel free to comment.

skullcrusher 10-08-2009 08:17 PM

Very nice job and good info. I would like to see the devistation of the phone books as well. :D

JeanClaudeSegal 10-08-2009 08:27 PM

Thanx for commenting..I should have kept them and took a photo..It was mushed and minced up..not much to salvage lol

Gojubrian 10-08-2009 09:11 PM


That's pretty cool and thanks for the information!

Do you plan on testing any other defensive rounds in the future? 40S&W or 9mm? :)

JeanClaudeSegal 10-08-2009 09:49 PM

I will do some tests on those also..I just have to find someone who owns those calibers..I dont own a 9mm or 40..I will love to see the test results on those as well

canebrake 10-08-2009 09:57 PM

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Great thread, very professional!

Goju, you did say defensive rounds....right??? I think JCS pretty much covered the PD stuff!!

"Do you plan on testing any other defensive rounds in the future? 40S&W or 9mm?" GojubrianAttachment 6678

robocop10mm 10-08-2009 09:59 PM

Kind of shows the Aguila IQ bullet to be a complete failure. Mexican engineering triumphs again.

JeanClaudeSegal 10-09-2009 12:45 AM

Will do some more research and tests as soon as i get my hands on different calibers...

JeanClaudeSegal 10-22-2009 03:21 PM

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I recieved my batch of 230gr SCHP a few days back and today i got a chance to test them out using the same 15inches of Wet Phone book method... But this time the phonebooks were soaked over night and i was able to gain a much more softer tissue...Also instead of doing my normal 17ft-18ft distance....i chose to do the standard 10ft as what they normaly do when testing bullets in balistic gelatin...My results will impress you on depth and expansion..As you know all of the SCHP bullets expand as wide as 1inch as its suppose to..the first shot fired i did not recover the seemed to turn a little high and existed with a huge hole..The second shot fired i still was unable to retrieve the bullet..but this time it didnt turn high it left another huge hole almost in the center...As i can see i am getting more than 15 inches of penetration and running out of space to shoot in the phonebooks..So i backed up another 5ft and shot my 3rd bullet ..I was able to retrive the bullet in the last phone book ,which penetrated half way through the last phone book.The expansion as you can see is below in the pic..The total inches measured was 13.20" to be almost exact...This is very impressive..i believe this could be a good candidate for hog hunting......Also please take in cosideration this new test has involved a more softer mushy phone book than the others that i have used in the past..also subtract 2ft in distance

dicky0331 10-22-2009 11:30 PM

Those hollowpoints for the .50GI are nasty looking. How far did they expand to?

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