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ZeusEcho 04-11-2012 03:37 PM

What is acceptable degree of reticle cant for Scopes $750-$1500?
Edited title to $750-$1500

I've been told by a manufacturer that 1 degree of reticle cant is within specifications on a 6-24x50 30mm $850 scope. And that it's better than most industry standards for this price range.

First is this true and second at what distances and elevation adjustments will a 1 degree cant start to affect windage and by how much?

I'm happy with the scope other than this but I'm not sure how much problems this 1 degree cant will cause in the future if/when I can shoot LR.


JonM 04-11-2012 03:53 PM

the 1 degree thing is acceptable only in short range whitetail hunting scopes where ranges are seldom past 200yards.

you can tell how canted your scope is by using a 30" tall target and marking a aimpoint at the bottom and a plumb line from the bottom to top with the aimpoint at the bottom of the line.

use the bottom aimpoint zero the rifle dead on to the bottom dot at 100yds. then increase the elevation by 20moa annd use the same aimpoint fire a three shot group. if your scope is in alignment the two groups will be plumb with each other. if its off left or right either your scope mounting needs a slight adjustment as in a turn towards the shotgroup at the top.

if its off to the right you need to turn the scope in its rings a very very very slight bit right. then repeat.

a scope that is properly mounted and tracks true will put the groups in line.

this is why scopes like us optics and nightforce and trijicons tend to cost a lot of money. its not cheap to make precision scopes like that. your average redfield or nikon 1 degree is fine for what their use is.

the further you go out in range the smaller the movement becomes to make huge changes in poi.

ZeusEcho 04-11-2012 05:28 PM

Thanks for the feedback Jon!

While this isn't a $1500-$3000 Nightforce, US Optics etc I think it should be a step above your averge Redfield or Nikon hunting scope that typically runs about $300-$500 right?

This is Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 that should be capable of some higher degree of accuracy? Maybe not that of the above mentioned scopes but it just seems that 1 degree cant is more than should be acceptable for a tactical scope in this price range. It is supposed to be more accurate at longer range than a typical under 200 yard hunting scope.

I measured the cant to be about 1.1's visibly noticable when the scope is mounted with the turret level.

Vortex customer service is probably the best I've ever delt with but this is a new replacement scope they inspected and sent with a canted reticle and then advised that it meets specifications when I asked about it. The scope it replaced also had a canted reticle though more severe.

Not sure at this point if I'd rather have great customer service or a great scope LOL.

gunnut07 04-11-2012 05:40 PM

For what I am doing with a Nightforce 0 deg is all that is acceptable for me. When you shoot at distance 1 degree can be the difference between a X or a 10 ring hit.

ZeusEcho 04-11-2012 05:48 PM


Originally Posted by gunnut07 (Post 767941)
For what I am doing with a Nightforce 0 deg is all that is acceptable for me. When you shoot at distance 1 degree can be the difference between a X or a 10 ring hit.

What distance do you typically shoot?

ZeusEcho 04-11-2012 06:05 PM

Updated 4/13- I understand the method below does not account for turret cap angle being off so I tried the method of aligning the reticle to straight egde and adjusting the elevation 200 clicks and then adjusting windage to get back on center if needed. My scope required 4 clicks to return to center so it is about 1.15 degrees of cant. (Tan X = 4/200) Guess the turret caps are straight on my scope :).

Below are some pics to show how I measured the cant angle in case anyone is interested.

I know it's not the most precise method but I used what I had available and the results are repeatable.

Whould love to hear your comments on the method.

Rifle is clamped in a Tipton gun vise perpendicular (verified) to the target about 25' away.

gunnut07 04-11-2012 06:59 PM


Originally Posted by Zeusecho (Post 767949)
What distance do you typically shoot?

600+ Most of the time now it is F-Class 800, 900, 1000.

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