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pastorricks 03-22-2011 02:10 PM

I have a model 700 Remington 22-250 that needs a scope. Any suggestions about a scope and mountings?

Sniper03 03-22-2011 02:13 PM


First of all what budget range are you looking at? Also I believe for varmint hunting you should get a variable power scope also. 4X12 for example. What type of terrain are you going to normally be hunting?
Let us know!


pastorricks 03-22-2011 02:16 PM

Budget, I guess cheap. $200? Mostly shooting varmits on flat farm land.

Sniper03 03-22-2011 02:40 PM


For the money and for the quality I would suggest you look at the Simmons Predator Quest Scopes. They are 30mm tubes which provides you with great light gathering possibilities for lower light shooting in the evening and early morning. If you hunt coyotes this is a good thing! You would also need a set of Medium Height 30mm Rings and of course and the mount/s for your 700. The scopes run around $160+. That would give a little extra leave way for a set of good rings and a mount. They come in various variable power ranges. I was thinking possibly the 4.5X18 with 40mm Objective would be a good choice.


pastorricks 03-22-2011 02:44 PM

Great! The price fits. I'll look into this. Thank you very much!

fireguy 03-22-2011 03:10 PM

I haven't read much about them on this forum, but I have two Nikko Sirling scopes and they are very good for the money. Should be in the price range that you are looking at. I agree with the other post about thle 30mm tube. I have that on my 4x16 on my .308 Howa and it shoots tight groups. Good luck.

pastorricks 03-22-2011 03:23 PM

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll gather a little more info then to shopping! My wife hates that part.

Gatoragn 03-23-2011 02:11 AM

Check out Burris before making a final call, they have a good balance of cost and quality. I have a Fullfield 3x9x40 that is very nice scope.

On sale right now at Cabela's for $179, regularly $239.00.

Look through on if you get a chance, I think you would be impressed.

cpttango30 03-23-2011 11:07 AM

3-9x really doesn't cut it for varmints.

You can get a Meuller 8.5-25x44mm Mueller 8.5-25x 44mm 1 inch AO Tactical Shock Proof Rifle Scope FREE S&H MT852544. Mueller Optics Tactical Riflescopes, Mueller Optics Riflescopes.

For the price these are great scopes.

Also look at the Bushnell Trophy XLT 4-12x40mm Bushnell Trophy XLT 4-12x40mm Matte Riflescope with DOA 600 or Multi-X Reticle 734120B, 734120 FREE S&H 734120, 734120B. Bushnell Trophy XLT Riflescopes, Bushnell Riflescopes.

Again a good scope for the money.

Nikon Prostaff 4-12x40mm Nikon 4-12x40mm ProStaff Matte Riflescopes FREE S&H 6324, 6728, 6729. Nikon Riflescopes.

Another good scope in this price range.

The one I would really look at is the Vortex Crossfire 6-24x50mm Vortex Crossfire 6-24x50 Mil Dot Reticle AO Riflescope FREE S&H CRF-450-AOHT, CRF-624-AOHT. Vortex Crossfire Riflescopes, Vortex Riflescopes.

For the price Vortex offer a lifetime warranty no matter if your the first or fourth owner. I have the crossfire 4-12x on my deer rifle and MY GOD it is bright and clear. It rivals many scopes that are twice as much.

Weavers 44-40 scope in 6.5-20x44mm would be another one to look at.
Weaver 6.5-20 x 44mm AO 40/44 Riflescope FREE S&H 849550, 849552. Weaver 40/44 Riflescopes, Weaver Riflescopes.

Gatoragn 03-23-2011 11:42 AM

I have a Weaver 3x9x44, it does not meet the Burris in clarity. If I adjust the eyepiece for the best sight picture on the Weaver at the highest magnification, when I turn it back to the lowest it blurs slightly. My Burris is crystal clear, from 3 through 9.

Burris makes scopes in the range of magnifications listed above and definitely are worthy of consideration.

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