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Cody 02-26-2011 02:54 AM

Scope For R-25
I recently got a great deal on a R-25. I've only ever hunted before with my pump action 30-30 savage. Or my Remington sportsman 12guage. Neither of my guns have ever had scopes.

What kind of scope can I get for this gun that's easy to use? Any recommendations?

How far does this gun shoot and is it as good shooting deer and hogs at close range as it is far away?

I've done some research on this gun but I'm not too keen on understanding numbers. I'm really kind of a beginner when it comes to guns. I grew up in the city and none of my family ever hunted or owned guns. I just recently started hunting two seasons ago.

I'll appreciate any helpful input you may have......Thanks

Sniper03 02-26-2011 03:17 AM


The Remington R-25 is a good rifle. With proper ammunition capable of reliable target shots in the 600 yard range. However that is not wild game range. For Deer and Pig I would say 200 yards at best. Talking clean kills here! Our next question for you is what kind of MONEY are you looking at spending? Then we can provide you with a better answer. And you need to be thinking of something that will offset the Scope Rings out toward the front of the rifle. Not just the picatinny rail on top of the Receiver. It is too short and you will usually not be able to get the proper eye relief If shooting it in the prone position. Several companies make these and I am sure the guys here on the forum can direct you to some. Each of us have our own likes and opinions. And that is what makes the FTF such a great Forum. Because we learn sometimes that those opinions makes since. And it is a better product/s or way of doing something! Otherwise put we learn form each other! Personally I like a 30MM Scope Tubes and for ARs I use the Rock River Scout Rail to provide me with that additional forward positioning of the scope. In my opinion for all around proper eye relief. The Eye Piece of the Scope should be located even with the Back Edge of the Charging Handle. But others never shoot prone with longer and larger scopes so they might prefer it closer to the rear! Good Luck and let us know what price range you are talking about,


Ruzai 02-26-2011 03:30 AM

Any scope rings that says Picatinny or Weaver mount is going to fit the R-25. Depending on what caliber you have depends on how far the gun is able to shoot. So let us know and we can give you more info on that.
First off, the R-25 is the bigger brother of the AR-15 which is synonymous with the M-16. Most often these bigger sized AR style rifles are referred to as the AR-10 or DPMS 308. The R-25 is a DPMS 308 with a camo finish pretty much.
A 3-9x scope will do the job for a lot of people but there are others that just might fit you better. For example, I prefer the 6-24x kind of scope because I have the ability to keep it dialed back when close or crank it up for further out. Of course the higher the magnification the bigger the scope tends to be. My 6-24x has a 50mm forward lens, so its kinda thick compared to a 30mm which is pretty skinny compared to mine.

As for the ability for the gun to take deer and hogs...any of the calibers the gun is offered in will more than do the job.

Cody 02-26-2011 03:48 AM

I'd say around $500 maybe. I just picked up the gun for $700. I'm not sure how much to expect to pay for a good scope. I don't want to cheap out and buy something that restrains the guns potential either. If it's necessary I will hold off and save my money to buy the right scope. I just really want something easy to see through. I fired other peoples guns before with scopes and have had a problem with seeing more black than the target. Also it may be embarrassing but I've popped myself in the forehead a couple times firing my friends gun so he suggested a forward grip...any ideas?

Jesse17 02-26-2011 04:09 AM

I say put a Jesus scope on it.

If the military can aford them, we should have them too. Just because they look so darn cool :)

cpttango30 02-26-2011 12:29 PM

What are you going to hunt with it?

What caliber is it 243, 7-08, 308 what?

How much do you want to spend?

If you are shooting deer at 200 or less a 6-24x is no good for that. If your shooting varmints at 500 a 3-9 isn't good for that...

You say simple to use. Simple would be to get a good high quality 4 or 6x and go deer hunting with that.

We need more info...

Cody 02-26-2011 05:56 PM

It's a 308 and I mainly just plan on deer and hog hunting with it.

I'd deffiniatly say 200 or less.

I'd like to spend around $500 or less.

cpttango30 02-26-2011 06:57 PM

I myself would go for a fixed power 6x42mm...If you want a variable power then you are going to drop down in quality a little. Nothing drastic but fixed power is simple and rugged as all get out.

Leupold 6x42mm FX-3

For a variable I like 4-12x over 3-9x scopes. That is just me.

Nikon 4-16x42mm Nikon 4-16x42 Monarch Riflescope
Burris 4.5-14x42mm Burris 4.5-14x42 Fullfield II Rifle Scope
Weaver 4.5-14x40mm Weaver 4.5-14x40 Grand Slam Rifle Scope
Zeiss 3-9x40mm Zeiss 3-9x40 Conquest Rifle Scope

prkrgrp 02-27-2011 02:48 AM

try the nikon varmint special with the bdc ret

Ruzai 02-28-2011 09:42 AM

I like the Simmons scopes. There customer service is great and all of the rifle scopes from them I've used are clear. Most people who hunt in the brush (200 yards or less) are pretty happy with a 3-9x or a 4-12x. You'd be surprised what some of the cheaper scopes can hold up to. I never was a big Leupold fan though, guess I'm missing he big attraction of them somehow, just seemed like I would be paying for a name.
What really matters is that you get what fits you best, kind of like how your friends gun didnt fit you, I'm sure it fit them though.

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