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Tjurgensen 07-25-2013 06:38 PM

Scope question
I am getting a new deer rifle and I want info on the scope for it. The gun is a Tikka T3 lite stainless in a 270 WSM. I don't have much experience with scopes so I need help. I want the power to be no less than 12 and adjustable. Any objective 40mm and bigger will do. 1/8 inch adjustments would be nice but I can do with 1/4. I would like the finish to be stainless to match the gun and my price range is $150 and under. Any advice, suggestions, or experience would be greatly appreciated.


Anna_Purna 07-25-2013 07:11 PM

What kind of terrain are you going to be in? Open prairie, meadows, Ridges and saddles in the rockies? Thick forests or alders?

Tjurgensen 07-25-2013 08:42 PM


Originally Posted by Anna_Purna
What kind of terrain are you going to be in? Open prairie, meadows, Ridges and saddles in the rockies? Thick forests or alders?

Well I will mostly be hunting in Kansas in fields and thin timber but I will also be hunting pronghorn in the plains of Wyoming.

Triumphman 07-25-2013 09:26 PM

Don't you mean power (less) than 12?
In Silver and $150<less.
Look to Simmons 44Mag, Bsa Contender or Platinum, Bushnell Trophy, Center Point?, Redfield, Primary Arms.
You're VERY LIMITED when looking for Silver Scopes in this price range, unless used, but a few can be found.
Does it really need to be silver? I have a Stainless Ruger 77/22Magnum that I put a Matted Simmons 44Mag(3-12x44SF) on and it looks very good/shoots great, and is certainly easier to find than Silver.

Tjurgensen 07-25-2013 09:34 PM

Well I want the highest power to be no less than 12. Thanks for the suggestions and yes it does NEED to be silver.

Anna_Purna 07-25-2013 09:36 PM

I second the look of a black matted scope on a stainless rifle. But back to your question........
what is the minimum for focal range going to be at? 4x12? As Triumphman says above, his scope is a 3x12 but most I believe come in 4x12. For me, a 4x powered scope is too large magnification in any kind of forest. I would rather it be a 3x12, or a 3x9 which ois more common to me and my areas of shoppin'.
There is a websight called Slickguns that shows daily sales from all across the country at different stores, and if you have the patience, you can get some great deals on scopes once in a while. I bought a Nikon 3x9x40 for 106 dollars, that the next day the store listed it at 169.

Optics planet has a large selection to look through in silvers and blacks, and a large price range. You could find one that is the magnification to your liking and we could then shop for a better deal, etc

c3shooter 07-25-2013 10:03 PM

At the start, I would not be looking for what you are. While I DO use high magnification scopes, they are on varmint guns, I am shooting from a bipod, and pretty much zeroed in on one spot (mouth of a burrow).

At 12 power, you may have a very hard time FINDING the animal in the scope- as power goes up, field of view drops. And all other things being equal, as magnification goes up, brightness drops.

I have an older BAR that has taken a truckload (literally) of deer and antelope. It has a Redfield Widefield 3-9 variable. The originals are not made anymore- Leoupold makes them now- but if you could find an original, you could do worse.

Besides paying for brand name, higher dollar scopes are getting better glass, better coatings, less distortion, more light. That may be more important that the highest magnification.

jpattersonnh 07-25-2013 10:37 PM

C3 is right. A cheap higher magnification scope can also have parallax and eye relief issues. I'm not sure what the need is for big bells on hunters these days.
I use a Weaver V10, 2-10x38mm on my 7mm Rem Mag. Plenty of scope. I don't think it has been above 7 yet. It is made in Silver and covers your needs. It is inexpensive, but is solid. It has VG light transmission for low light.

Now is it as good as my Sightron SII Big sky scopes? No, but it does serve its' intended purpose well. It will not win any fashion show, it is a tool.

Anna_Purna 07-25-2013 10:43 PM

As the others have said, the larger magnifications are for bench shooting and prairie dogs using rests. The larger magnification just brings in more wobble and haze into your sight picture when hunting in the field , and as others have said, up on a high setting is very hard to even find the animal through your scope. I use a 1.75x6 power on my hunting rifle and rarely ever have it up past 3x

Tjurgensen 07-25-2013 11:49 PM

Sorry I meant it does not need to be silver. What is the best 3-9 or 2-10 I can get for $150?

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