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JOEMASTRO6 02-23-2013 11:26 PM

scope decisions
Greetings! I will be purchasing a .17 hmr in either a Marlin X or Savage 93 series. My son is getting/waiting for a Savage model 19055 in .308, complete with fluted heavy barrel, AccuStock & AccuTrigger, threaded barrel and 5r /1:11.25 rifling. Our range has 100 and 300 yard targets and is currently installing a 600 yard too. My .17 will be for paper targets only. The 19055 will be 90% target and maybe one day hunting who knows..... I would like to put decent scopes on each, though our budget is tight. Besides brand, what multiplication scope should we be looking into? I can get a Leupold vx2 in 3x9x40mm for about $300. With the quality of the glass usually you can go less multiplication, but will a 3x9 Leupold be enough scope. I am older and need glasses now. If not enough scope, what are some suggestions? Also what is the best reticle for the shooting described above. BTW- we are both novices. However we have both been shooting for years at 50/100 yards with .22 LRs and Camp 9 9 mm carbines. Thank you, any suggestions is appreciated.
My son decided to add more cash and get a Leupold 4x12 not sure which one but it was $479 for 40mm bell and $549 for the 50mm bell. Nearly all my shooting will be in the 100-300 yard range 80% of the time. I have a decent deal for a Nikon Buckmaster 4.5x14x40 mm for $224 shipped. That should be fine for my skill level and funds. There is 3 choices of reticles. BDC, MIL-dot, and NikoPlex. Not sure what would be best for me. I am thinking the NikoPlex.
Still researching a good choice. I have 3 scopes I am really interested in. The Nikon Buckmaster 4.5x14x40mm with NikoPlex reticle $224 shipped. Bushnell Elite 3200 Tactical Rifle Scope 10x 40mm 1/10 Mil Adjustments /Mil-Dot Reticle for $199 shipped. And the SWFA SuperSniper in 10x42 or 16x42 or 20x42 for $299. All would work, just not sure which is the best for my application. Suggestions, opinions, comments appreciated!

willfully armed 02-24-2013 01:47 AM

BSA sweet 17 for ... The 17.

I put a Bushnell 6500 6-24x50 with the G2DMR reticle on my 308. But I shoot out to 1400 yards with it.

Remember, you can't hit what you can't see. I would never get anything less than 16x on a target gun. Leupold 6-18x40 would be a good choice for his 308.

JOEMASTRO6 02-24-2013 08:41 PM

Thanks for the response. Anyone else with an opinion or suggestion? My son is leaning towards the SWFA SS 16x40 or a Leupold 4-12x40 or 6-18x40. He also really likes the SS because it is 200-300 less then the Leupolds. No decisions yet, still posting to forums reading responses from the more experienced. Again any suggestions appreciated!

762 02-24-2013 09:14 PM

i agree, get a BSA sweet 17 for the .17.....i plan on getting either of the rifles you mentioned as well when i get a .17 this summer and i'll most likely use that scope. it's calibrated for the .17 out to 300 yards.

as far as the .308, i have a SS 10x on my 700P. i like it for it's price range. i'd love to have a nightforce, vortex, or leupold, but i just didnt have the funds at the time. i shoot to about 400-600 yards depending on which corn field i'm in. 10x is plenty for that.

and just keep in mind that magnification isnt everything. i'd rather have a 10x with nice glass that 24x with crap glass. i can see bullet holes clearer in my SS scope than my POS bushnell spotting scope on 36x.

huffmanite 02-24-2013 09:44 PM

For decent optics (actually pretty good), Check out what is left of the Nitrex (by Weaver) tr1 scopes and the Weaver 40/44 Aspherical Lens models at

Nitrex is a discontinued brand and the aspherical lens 40/44 scopes have been discounted in price. Nitrex TR1 is basically a Weaver Grand Slam, made in same Japanese plant with same optics and internals....very good buy and a very nice scope....sorry, only ones left are around 3-10x50s. Own a couple of the TR2 Nitrex, Weaver Super Slams, and wish I'd bought more.

As to the Weaver 40/44 aspherical models....very nice glass in them. Price on them reduced to around $120 or less, depending on power of scope. What is aspherical, just a particular type of lens design first used in the higher priced 35mm cameras and adapted by Simmons in their AETEC line of scopes a long time ago. Aetecs had a pretty good reputation for clarity/brightness back then. Anyway max power 40/44 is a 3.8-12x44 A.O. Own one of these, but under Intensity brand the Weaver 40/44....quite good optics.

Personally for longer range shooting you've mentioned I'd prefer at least a 20 power scope.....actually 18 power is about my minimum power for 100 yd target shooting. Do use a 20 max power variable Weaver Grand Slam for shooting up to 600 yds with my favorite (most accurate) rifle and it does well for me.

locutus 02-25-2013 03:09 PM

Of the three you mentioned, I would choose the Nikon.

Your son is wise to choose the Leupold.

JOEMASTRO6 03-01-2013 02:05 AM

I have also been looking at a Vortex Diamond 4x12. Optics are fully multi-coated and transmit 91% of available light. About 300 dollars though on one site I found it for 289 and today I found it on sale for 199. It has a life time gaurantee too. There are a few comparisons on the net and it wins each one. Closest to it was the SuperSniper 10x for 300. The search continues but for my money I am thinking the supersniper or the Vortex on sale now. Opinions?

kaido 03-02-2013 04:34 AM

So....I plan on stealing this thread for the simple fact that well, I can. :)

Instead of starting a whole knew "what scope thread?" I figured I'd just ask in this one since the title isn't specific. But I'm thinking of replacing the scope that came with my Remington 770 (.243). The one on it now is basically a no name one that seems to be jiggled out of zero fairly easily.

The scope would be used for hunting and target shooting and hunting coyotes out to roughly 200 yards or so, but no further. It would also be used the odd time for gopher shooting from time to time. I'd prefer it to have some for of a mil dot reticle since I'd like to learn how to judge ranges and use the reticle for longer shots on inanimate at random ranges.

Now for the catch.....I don't really want to spend more on a scope then I did the rifle. Basically I'm wanting to spend around $150.00 or so.

JOEMASTRO6 03-02-2013 12:18 PM

Sure steal away, info is info. After laborious research I would venture to say that in your case I would look for a good name brand that is on sale. I would also suggest add a touch more money and get the Vector Diamondback for 199 shipped. Great quality AND lifetime no hassle warranty.

JOEMASTRO6 03-06-2013 02:00 AM

Ok. Done deal. I got the Vortex Viper 6.5-20x44 for 279.00 free shipping. Came in 3 days via FedEx. After MUCH researching I wanted the Vortex Diamondback but found the Viper which is a one up from the Diamondback. I could not be happier. Btw it has 95% light transmission. The quality is beyond what Ithought I could afford. Currently my son was most interested in the SUPERSNIPER 16x, and was ready to pull the trigger but now that he has seen my scope he is rethinking that. He did get his Savage 19055. He may use my scope until I get my rifle. Trying now to figure out the bases and ring situation. I want steel. It needs high rings because of the 44mm bell and heavy barrel. The rifles come with the bases. I have to study up now since my first effort was for 1 inch tube and it has the 30mm main tube. I don't understand weaver vs etc.......

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