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purehavoc 11-29-2011 12:49 AM

Scope for .223
I bought a new Savage .223 about 3 weeks ago and I put a 3-9X40 Bushnell Trophy that I have had for 10 yr on it , great scope but not near enough power for what I want to do , out to about 150 it fine but I really want to zero this gun at 200 and be able to shoot coyotes out to 300 yards and Im not capable with the lower powered scope , So since I have had such great luck with the Bushnell scopes I have I figured I would give the 6-24X40 Bushnell Banner a try , I found it on sale for $109 shipped to my door instead of the regular prices of $169-$199 every where else .
I have searched but not finding much about in on the forum about this scope .
I know when it gets dark I will have to go back to my 3-9X40 to pull more light since it lower powered but during the day I want to be able to see out there .

Anyone currently using one ? any opinions on the scope ?
Thanks PH

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