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Trigcure 05-13-2009 12:27 AM

Remington 510 targetmaster scope mounting
Hi, i'm new here and i hope i got this in the right forum, but a few years ago i got a Remington model 510 Targetmaster .22, i have fallen in love with this little rifle, and just made a custom thumbhole stock for it, i would however really love a scope. I heard somewhere that someone removed there rear iron sight and put the mount there, i would just like to know is this possible? or do i have to get this thing drilled and tapped for a new mount? and if so, how much does that normally cost? I don't know the exact diameter/depth of the screws, but they are just about six tenths of an inch apart..
PS: It looks the same as this, just a little less rusty. 920

Thanks for reading!

cpttango30 05-13-2009 10:54 AM

You are going to need to d&t that is your receiver is not grooved. Would I do this not really. It depends on you and how original you want to keep your 5teen rifle. I have 2 511 and 513 both of mine are grooved.

If your rifle is grooved it will have two grooves running from front to back on top of the receiver.

These rifles are gaining popularity which means they are growing in price.

D&T in my area is around $15 a hole give or take.

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