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rccalzadilla 09-15-2011 05:59 PM

Red Dot or Holographic?
Can't figure out RDS of Holographic sights.
Target and tactical shooting with an AR15.
I know I want co-witness.

Sniper03 09-16-2011 11:37 PM


EOTech Model 512 Holographic Sight is the way to go. Very fast target acquisition. As soon as you see the dot on the target pull the trigger. You do not even have to have a proper cheek weld at the time of the shot. If you want to check one out look through it while someone is lowering a business card over the front of the lens. It there is even a 1/4 inch gap at the bottom to look through you will still be able to see the dot on the target. It is actually jet aircraft sight technology. You can even shoot the weapon upside down with one of them if you want to experiment.


Sniper03 09-16-2011 11:43 PM


Left one thing out! Check into the Rock River Dominator II Mount from Rock River or a dealer. It is elevated around a quarter of an inch so once you irons are sighted in. You can sight in the Holographic Sight by dialing the dot of the reticle down in the center and on top of the iron front sight post. At that point you can raise your head up and look over the top of the sights about a 1/4" so the sights no longer obstruct your view any longer. Than if your Optic fails you simply lower your head 1/4 inch and you are looking through the sight screen at your iron sights. It just mounts on your flat top and is the one used by the DEA and FBI with their EOTechs.


rccalzadilla 09-17-2011 02:24 PM

Thanks for all the good info.

bkt 09-17-2011 04:20 PM

I have the Bushnell version of the EOTech on my AR and I agree with Sniper03 - it's great!

Mine is cowitnessed with the iron sights, but I trust it enough now to fold the sights down.

rccalzadilla 09-17-2011 06:11 PM

I already have a Magpul Gen. 2 MBUS rear sight.
I imagine the 512 would require some kind of 1/4" base.

How water tight is the EOTech?

Lindenwood 09-19-2011 12:16 AM

I've always thought red-dots (tube-framed) were more durable. In any case, I've seen a trend toward higher quality / better technology holographic sights all using tube-style frames.

If you're going to spend the money on an Eotech, buy an Aimpoint and get 10 times the battery life (as in, leave it on for years at a time and replace the battery when you replace those in your smoke detectors).

Bushman 09-19-2011 04:06 AM

I think either is a good choice, but for me, the aimpoint gets my vote. It's what I have. Deciding factor was battery life and the single dot reticle. The Eotech I tried out just seemed too cluttered, IMO, with the circle and dot type reticle.

Glockcurmudgeon 09-19-2011 04:55 AM

I've had Meprolight Reflex, Bushnell red dot, Burris holographic, Aimpoint (ML3s, M4s, Micro T-1s, 3X multipliers), Trijicon ACOG and Tri-Powers, and Eotech 517s...

All had ridden my LMT 5.56/6.8SPCs. Now, my ACOG and Tri-Powers, M4 and Micro T-1s grace the receivers of my PTRs and my Remington Desert Recon II. Likewise, my Eotech 517s ride atop my AKs. Why? Different mission/prep, for different weapons...

I prefer the red dots for very, very fast target acquisition/engagement. Quick and dirty, the red dot is really for nose to nose, out to 100m...

After that, I REALLY like the ability to engage beyond that initial 100m with the fiber optic/tritium combination of the ACOG and Tri-Power, which additionally has red dot built in, hence, Tri-Power... These optics are good from CQB (Tri-Power) to 600m, the ACOG. Still faster than the conventional cross hairs of a telescopic sight, these fine pieces allow one to use, like the red dots, both eyes open...

This factor is in keeping with maximized situational awareness... Peripheral vision is utilized in threat awareness, allowing greater safety in the combat arena... When in the field, what catches one's attention? Movement. If one eye is closed, as with a conventional scope, you miss most of your field of vision... THAT'S why red dots, reflex, fiber optic, and holosights were developed...

The last of these, the Eotech 517 holographic sight, is relatively new to me... I really do like it, and I am using it more and more... Like the red dot, and to a lesser extent, the ACOG/Tri-Power, the holosight is both eyes open, light controlled, and is able to have a 160 degree area of field of view, similar to a LED video screen...

You don't have to be one-on-one, perpendicular to the target, to see, and engage... Like a laser, green/red/blue/who cares(?), just place the dot on the target, and caress the trigger. Voila, tango down, threat eliminated... Simple? Yep... Not used to things being so easy...

Your selection, depending upon perceived needs, whether they be hourly, daily, or longer term, can vary greatly... I'm fortunate in having the luxury of being able to task gear as I see fit. Others may not be so lucky... Which is why I'll give the following advice based upon what I had to do, years ago...

Depending upon how you will employ your weapon(s), as to topography, range, perceived threat (personnel/vehicle/physical structure), determine what specific types of ammunition you will have available for each type. Basing your decision upon visibility and range, you can make a generalization.

Based upon your financial situation, you can "mix and match" what your perceived needs are, with what you can purchase... CQB, go for either the Eotech, if you can afford it, or try the Bushnell reflex sight, for under $100...

The Aimpoint M4 is now the current optic being issued to troops headed overseas, to Iraq and Afghanistan... With the 3X magnifier, it's adequate to 300m...

Out to 600m, well the Trijicon ACOG 4x32, TA31RCO-M150CP, ARMY Rifle Combat Optic w/the M150 w/ TA51 Mount, is a bit pricy... About $1300, it's some serious cash. However, it can be "enhanced" with ATN's latest add-on image intensifier, for night-time employment...

Whatever you get, practice, practice, practice...

Hope this helps,

Glockcurmudgeon, out...

Just remember this. You may only get one shot off. Be sure that you, and your equipment

Lindenwood 09-19-2011 01:37 PM

I don't think a fine red dot (like an Aimpoint with a 2MOA dot) is really a hindrance over iron sights at further distances. I mean, a 2MOA dot still only covers 6-7" at 300 yards, so it's not like that will limit you from aiming well compared to iron sights. Compared to a magnified optic, yeah. But, if our iron-sightened M4s / M16s are considered 300yd guns, adding a good red dot won't change that. Though, it will greatly increase usability at much closer ranges.

And I've never seen someone use so many ellipses :P .

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