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fragout 04-27-2009 11:43 PM

Pride Fowler optics anyone?
Anyone here have 1st hand knowledge/hands on with any Pride Fowler optics?

In particular, their RR22LR HV 6x40, 3-9x40, and RR600-2 compact 3-9x32 ?

matt g 04-30-2009 01:57 AM

I fully intend to mount an RR-800-1 and a Special Ops Compact Compact Sight to my M14, if I ever get off of my ass and start building it. The 800-1 allows for quick, gnats ass shooting out to 800 m, but the SOCCS allows for quick heads up shooting when needed.

Definitely check Smith Enterprises before buying, as their prices on Pride-Fowler stuff is about 2/3 the price that PF wants for them right now.

fragout 05-01-2009 10:33 PM

Interesting set up Matt g..... especially if you are using a quality mount such as an ARMS, Sadlak, or SEI mount. ( When it comes to the M14 and optics, always go with a quality mount. Learned this the hard way yrs ago.)

My plan is somewhat similar, and will be used for an M1A Bush rifle, based off of two Bassett M14 mounts. The first mount will have a holo sight (havent decided which type yet), mounted to it, while the second will mount an optic more suited for longer ranges, such as a Pride Fowler.
I have been evaluating the Bassett mount for a while now, and so far it has shown promising results, especially in it's ability to return to zero while taking the mount/optic combo off the rifle, and then re-mounting it. Just picked up a second Bassett mount just recently. (Range reports coming soon on my findings with the M14/M1A Bassett mount) The RR-800 would probably be the better choice for my '2 seperate mount' application

I'm lookin to mount the RR22LR HV optic to a Ruger 10-22.

I figured that I would ask around and see if anyone uses any pride fowler optics, before making a purchase.

matt g 05-04-2009 11:13 PM

This may be of interest:

fragout 05-05-2009 12:05 PM

Thanks for the link. This is one of the reasons why I'm interested in these optics. ( I wonder if there is an NSN for these scopes?)

matt g 05-05-2009 02:31 PM

I'm sure there are a lot of "local purchases" going on right now for mission specific stuff.

SR25MK4 07-12-2012 09:31 AM

PFI Optics
Hello, I know this is answering a old post but ... Purchased a 3-9x32 for a 10-22 Custom I have in build. The optics are crystal clear and fit/finish of Very high quality.
Rapid Reticle for .22 rf HV ammo:

Vincine 07-12-2012 11:58 AM


Originally Posted by SR25MK4 (Post 867307)
Hello, I know this is answering a old post but ...

(Yes I know.)

I have a PFI 3-9x32 too. The RR-22-1 scope has a reticle is designed for 22lr 1200-1300 fps muzzle velocity ammo. Iíve zeroed on the 50y Ďcrosshairí and found the 100y stedia dead on with CCI Mini Mags. The 2.5 & 5.0 mph wind knocks seem right. My winds here are so variable to direction & speed I canít say for sure about them or the 7.5, & 10.0 mph wind knocks. I havenít had it out to a longer range yet to see if the other stedia work or not so I guess I haven't really tested it yet. They have a .22 magnum & a .17 rimfire reticle scopes as well

I asked PFI, ĎHow come 22lr HV ammo instead of subsonic target?í and they said, ĎAmmo sales figures.í Most recently Iíve found out they, ď. . . . are currently designing a replacement for the RR-22-1 that include both subsonic and standard ballistic drop (will be release sometime this fall).Ē

I found the turret markings on the teeny tiny side, especially compared to the target turrets Iíve seen, but the scope is designed for fast Kentucky & holdover, not for calculating and cranking. Itís a FFP reticle, I wish the lines were a little thinner at 9x where I use mine, but then they practically disappear at 3x. It has an AO thatís stiff, but it sure stays put after adjustment.

Itís at its best for fast accurate offhand shooting a semi auto at various distance targets between 100 & 200 yards. You might prefer target turrets if you mostly shoot BR.

PFI makes other scopes with reticles designed for rapid ranging targetsí head or shoulders with 5.56 or 7.62 out to 900 yard / meters.

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