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bernielink 10-09-2010 04:47 PM

Near sighted shooter buying a scope. Help!
I am almost 65 years of age (eyes don't work like they used to). I have a S&W 22a. Using the sights (which are good ones, I like them) I have to take off my glasses to see the sights clearly, but when I do that I can't see the target very well. I'm looking at a Simmons Pro-hunter 4X32 pistol scope #7739, from SWFA Outdoors, for about $70 after their 25% cash rebate, to magnify the target so I can see the cross-hairs and the target (both) clearly. I'm target shooting and hunting jack rabbits at about 30 to 50 yards. In other forums I've been told to buy a more expensive scope $300 - $500.
If I were buying a scope for a 44 mag. (mucho recoil) it might be a different story, but with a 22lr (little recoil and I would think not very hard on a scope) I'm thinking the Simmons might be OK. I don't want a POC scope but I can't afford a $300 one. What I'm trying to accomplish is magnification so I can see the cross-hairs and the target too.
Thanks, Bernie

mrm14 10-09-2010 04:53 PM

My younger brother who is 53 Y.O. has been near sighted most all his life and wears glasses. He has used scopes for quite awhile now and still must use his RX lens glasses. He has had RX lenses made for his shooting glasses.

bernielink 10-09-2010 06:08 PM

Good idea mrm14
Having a pair of RX shooting glasses is a good idea, I'll look into that.
Thanks, Bernie

BunnyWabbit 10-09-2010 10:00 PM

You could also look at the scopes that have the crosshairs that light up in either green or red. I had a hard time with cameras if I didn't have my contacts in because something looked in focus and really wasn't. But scopes don't have an adjustable focus viewfinder. But I have looked through the lighted scopes and they are pretty visible. I know NC Star has some pretty cheap, but I can't verify how good they are. I don't know how far you plan on shooting. And the ones I have tested, because my work is getting ready to start selling them, don't have very good light gathering capabilities if it is early morning or later in the evening. During the day they seem clear as a bell.

bernielink 10-10-2010 02:51 PM

Thanks for your comments BunnyWabbit! I'll be target shooting and hunting jack rabbits (plentiful in SE New Mexico) at 30 to 50 yards. I've seen the NcStar illuminated scopes too, but have heard they're not very good. For a 22 lr pistol do you think the NcStar would be better than the Simmons? I will be hunting jack rabbits early morning and late evening. I may be wrong but I just don't think I need to spend $500 on a scope for a 22 lr, if I were buying one for a gun with a lot of recoil (44 mag or 454) it would be a different story. Thanks, Bernie

mrm14 10-10-2010 06:25 PM

Check out Wiley X PT-1 and PT-3 model shooting glasses. They have optional RX inserts or Plug-In's for perscription lenses. Actually they have several models of shooting glasses with these optional inserts that snap in and out behind the actual outer protective lenses. It's kind of a neat set up. There is probably other companies out there that may have this optional RX insert or Plug-In's feature as well.

Also, if you decide on a model and brand of these type of glasses with RX inserts, I highly recomend that you find a dealer close to you and go try them on before you buy. I had in mind just recently of buying a pair of PT-3's or Talon's and luckly there was a sunglass store a few miles away and I went there to buy these glasses. When I got there and tried them on, the fit of these glasses felt wrong. I ended up trying a few other brands and model of shooting glasses they carried in stock and ended up buying the PT-1's as they fit me the best.

jpattersonnh 10-12-2010 10:16 PM

Being near sighted w/ scopes poses new issues. If you attempt to use it without your glasses your reticule will fade. You really need your glasses to focus, just as you do w/ iron sights.

JTJ 10-17-2010 08:09 PM

I dont know of anybody that can focus on 3 objects at different distances at the same time. Try a ghost ring rear sight. You look through it rather than at it so you only have to contend with 2 objects.
Have you been checked for cataracts? I was having a lot of trouble and it turned out to be a cataract. It is a lot better after surgery.

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