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AgentTikki 04-09-2013 05:20 PM

Leveling the reticle.
I just purchased a Vortex Viper PST 1-4x with a ADM recon offset mount.

I like how the rings on the ADM mount clamp together with the two sides clamping together front the sides. The line delineating the two sides of the clamp are at the 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock positions (because the two sides of the rings come in from the sides).

I orignally thought I could index the scope to rings using that line, and the fiber optic line on the scope located 12 o'clock on the scope, but after doing so, it seems that the reticle was canted.

I used the turrets to move the reticle up and down to confirm this, and re adjusted the scope moving it about 2 degrees clockwise. Reticle seemed fine at this point.

Holding my AR freehand and putting it on the desk, the reticle seemed perfect, but here's the kicker. I decided try it out left handed with my left eye, and damned if it now looks as though my reticle is canted about 10 degrees off.

Is this normal? :confused:

I am righthanded and right eye dominant. I do have astigmastism in both eyes if this matters.

I really have been playing with the offset trying to find a good position for the scope to work both shooting freehand, table top, and prone, so i have been @#$%#$% with the scope for a good 2 hours. Now this. Should I bother to readjust it or leave it be? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

locutus 04-11-2013 03:47 AM

IMHO, the reticle should be leveled holding the rifle the same way you shoot/.

Many people cant the rifle just a few degrees when shooting. The reticle is not leveled if your "hold" is slightly off and the thing has been leveled with a spirit level.

I like for the horizontal wire to be perfectly horizontal when I am holding the rifle in a natural shooting position.

Sounds like you will have to adjust your lefthand hold.

AgentTikki 04-11-2013 06:06 PM

Its so weird. oh well. I'm just gonna keep it as is, and then figure out a way to mechanically level it. Probably with a plumb line at the range. The way I see it tho, its a short medium distance tool and a degree or two off, really isn't gonna make or break it. NOW if I were shooting 1000 yards with it, it'd be waaaay off but meh. Time to go look for some ammo and burn it.

JonM 04-11-2013 08:59 PM

what you want is not vertical to how your holding the gun but 90 degrees to the axis of the bore. canting while holding the poa isnt going to affect poi at a given range.

first i level the scope base or the reciever wherever i can find a flat spot on the gun closest to the bore. then i level the scope off the ttop turret. when both the gun and scope are level and the rings are torqued to 20inch pounds its off to the range

to get it verticle to the axis you need to take it out and shoot it at the furthest distance you can accurately get 2 inch groups or less. i generally just use 100 yards. zero it first

then i take a 18 inch long piece of paper draw a verticle straight line 10 inches long place a dot at the top of the line. i shoot a group at the top to confirm zero then adjust the scope so the poi moves 10 moa down. i then use the top dot and fire another group. if the second group is not on the line you need to ever so slightly just a bare scootch rotate the scope in the rings towards the where the group hit. so if your group was to the left of the line rotate towards the left.

then you repeat as needed. it doesnt take much at all to change the vertical alignment. this will have to be done repeatedly for any new bullets and should be checked with new loads if it is a concern.

what you want is the scope to track true to the bore not to your eye. if the gun is lined yup to your eye oe a distant object its not neccessarily going to track true if your using a bdc reticle or scope adjustments to adjust for bullet drop at long distances. generally its a non issue for distances under 3-500 yards.

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