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Gripsmeister 08-16-2011 04:30 AM

I need some info on my Burris CQB scope
Delete me. Block me i dont care. But dont **** with my post *******s. Im done. Didnt need info on my scope dip****. I have one.

JonM 08-16-2011 01:16 PM

The burris is too pricey when i can do the same thing with iron sights.

Gripsmeister 08-16-2011 07:14 PM


JonM 08-16-2011 09:17 PM

you do know that cmp matches are shot routinely at 600yards with ar15 and iron sites...

my unit used to practice with the m16a2 on the 100-1000m m60 range man sized pop up targets. hitting pop ups with irons at ranges up to 1000m isnt that hard.

just about everyweekend i shoot 300yds with irons at the local range. next time your in my area ill gladly give ya a lesson on long range marksmanship

Gripsmeister 08-17-2011 01:32 AM


Gatoragn 08-17-2011 02:05 AM

Burris is good stuff!
I have a Burris on a hunting rifle, they make great optics.

I would have no qualms about acquiring another if the need arises.

I like optics on my ARs, so I can see the sights, not the targets. :rolleyes:

Not ready to start wearing glasses full time.

JonM 08-17-2011 12:57 PM


Originally Posted by Gripsmeister (Post 564527)
Ok. Well that being said. Why would you buy anything but iron sights and why would anyone buy anything but iron sights? Everyone thinks their scope etc etc is the bomb. Why buy them when you can shoot just as good with iron sights? I do have folding iron sights on my ar as do most or fixed. Most rec. shooters with ar's tend to have these high dollar big money optic setups that basically do the exact same thing. When were talking night vision i see a difference there but other than that its generally the same give or take a power magnification or 2. What makes them sometimes tripple my scope price for the same thing? I was asking why buy this when you can buy that at a third of the price and if you used and shot with both why would you purchase one that does the same thing at 3 times the price? Question for you directly. Have you ever used the burris 332 at all? Basically i want to know what makes the scopes that do basically the same thing mine does and talk me into going and spending 7-8-900 dollars on one. I want to see the light and be talked into something better because............? Im game seriously. Just wanna be sold on a high dollar scope because of....................your answer here. With facts and reason. With experience in both. Sell me.

You came out bashing everyone else for not picking your brand. I just took your argument to a logical conclusion.

Why does it matter to you if someone chooses something less expensive or more expensive than a burris cqb??

The main diff lies in the lack of parralax in a lot of the higher end red dots coupled with a very very good reticle very long battery life etc. Just because a scope does well with recoil doesnt mean it does well with vibration.

My wife has a leupold mk4 cqb super tough yadda yadda. However once she gets on a atv with it it wont hold zero for crap.

Vibration is not the same as shock damage from recoil or dropping.

Dont bash others to promote your choices. Its ok to not like something because you dont like how its painted or what it costs but dont criticize people for having different tastes.

Gripsmeister 08-17-2011 01:58 PM

Just wanted an answer. Or a direction. What makes a scope worth 900 dollars. Wanted to see something i missed or get schooled. The answer is clear. Choice not better. I can surely tell you why benz is better than a ****ing buick and draw a map as to why and get you to understand the difference in the cost. Stuip human **** is guess.

Txhillbilly 08-18-2011 03:04 AM


Originally Posted by Gripsmeister (Post 564765)
Just wanted an answer. Or a direction. What makes a scope worth 900 dollars. Wanted to see something i missed or get schooled. The answer is clear. Choice not better. I can surely tell you why benz is better than a ****ing buick and draw a map as to why and get you to understand the difference in the cost. Stuip human **** is guess.

Damn boy,you need to take your meds.

The reason there is such a difference in the price of optics all comes down to the quality of glass used,and also the quality of all of the internal components.
If you would just go look thru some quality optics outdoors at different ranges and light conditions,then you'd know why a Swarovski cost 5 times more than your Burris.
It's just like comparing a Mercedes to a Chevy.One gives you quality,the other gives you cheap!

TCH2FLY 08-18-2011 12:42 PM

Cost should reflect the quality of a product but we know that isn’t always the case so I can’t say why there is expensive junk or lower priced quality I can only explain the difference between high quality and low quality.

You need to understand the difference between the types of “red-dot” sighting devices, reflex or holographic. Also within each type there are types of features and levels of quality. A “reflex” sight (open or tube style) uses an LED image or “dot” reticle projected on a glass surface in front of your eye. That piece of glass must have the ability to reflect back that LED BUT still allow you to see through to the target. High quality glass has a smooth surface and a coating that is engineered to reflect only the light from the LED; this provides a crisp dot image AND a clear image of the target, Conversely poor quality glass will use minimal/poor quality coatings and the glass surface may not have the same surface quality causing a blurry dot and/or target image … which would you prefer?

The more expensive sights are true holographic sights and more complex, causing an increase in price over reflex as well as having a range of quality within the type. A high quality holographic sight projects a reticle image using an actual laser which adds to cost. The construction requires more glass surfaces and a focus lens (no reflective coating) adding to the cost, making it more expensive than a reflex.

Normal telescopic sights have similar issues. Price will vary based on the quality of the glass used and is very subjective, some people will see a difference, others won’t but it is far from the only criteria. Like the red-dot sights, any coatings can change the picture so the type and quality can make or break the sight image. Consider the quality of the construction, i.e. one piece tubes, thickness of the material and size of the tube. The complexity and durability of the erector set (elevation/windage controls) will determine the ability to hold a zero as well as the repeatability of adjustments. The type or complexity of the reticle, is it wires or glass etched, the level of accuracy of the markings (mil dots, BDC etc), and the complexity of a first focal plane reticle will all add cost.

So yes, just like the difference between Benz and Chevy, there can be reasons to spend more of your hard earned $$$, answer your question?

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