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DougG 10-16-2009 12:57 AM

Got an opinion for a choice of 3?
I've got a short list for F-class long range in my price range. I need some opinions.
1. Bushnell Elite 6500 4.5-30 x 50
2.Leupold Mk4 6.5-20 x 50 LR/T M1
3.Leupold VX-3 8.5-25 x 50 LR Target

For the life of me I can't figure out the difference between the MK4 line and the VX3 line except the price. Then add in the Bushnell with the higher magnification......arrrgh! Leaning toward the VX3

mrm14 10-16-2009 01:06 AM

The Leupold MK IV is made with heavier guage thickness tube for the most part. The VX3 within the last year or so has been redisigned or improved (lens, lens coating,gas in tube) and is of a thinner guage tube than the MKIV. If your looking for a target scope Leuplold can put the tactical knobs and reticle into the VX3 that you want at their custom shop or you can have them build it that way. If I'm not mistaken I also believe that the new VX3 has more elevation range adjustment than the MKIV. Have you considered the Night Force brand of scopes?

DougG 10-16-2009 01:33 AM

I've considered the NightForce line and I'm impressed. However, I'm trying to avoid the temptation of diminishing returns. Just a few hundred more for a small advantage is always the story. The MK4 literature doesn't seem to justify the higher price over the VX3.

I think I can make the standard options for reticles work and would probably choose the TMR in Leupold. The 30x of the Bushnell, however, is a very appealing idea and the price is close to the VX3. The drawback is a shortfall on reputation and history in high-power. All that means to me is a smaller comfort margin with my purchase.

mrm14 10-16-2009 01:44 AM

Alot of people who shoot 1000 yard at the club I belong to use Night Force and Leupold. I'll be using Night Force for 1000 but I have a couple of VXIII Leupolds on other rifles. I really like the VXIII's.

DougG 10-16-2009 02:06 AM

So do you think 25x with the VX3 is ok for up to 1000? Would the 30x of the Bushnell have any useful advantage? What reticle do you use in your VX3's?

cpttango30 10-16-2009 02:38 AM

You may also look in to March scopes by Denon Optics.


they offer a 5-32 and a whopping 10-60x rifle scopes. Your going to pay though these are up there with Schmidt and Bender and other high end optics. They run $2000+.....
You want more than a 1" tube a 30mm tube gives you more adjustment for elevation and windage. Schmidt and Bender offer I believe a 35mm tube.

Also take a look at IOR Valdada Rifle Scopes. Swarovski also makes a 5-30x scope.

You may want to look hard at reticles offered. a mildot or another form of marked reticle may serve better than a std plex.

If you want the leupold check at Bruno's Shooters Supply. It is a small shop I believe I have dealt with them before and they are top notch in customer support and they take care of a customer.

DougG 10-16-2009 02:52 AM

Thanks. I'll check out the other options. I've got a feeling that I can't screw up too badly as they all seem like quality products.

cpttango30 10-16-2009 11:36 AM

I don't know what part of th country you live in so that hinders your choices and options.

Here in VA during the summer most guys don't get over 20 or 24x even if they are running NF 12-42x scopes. But if you are in a cooler area and you get a heat shield you can use higher powers on the scope.

I would not skimp on optics for anything on this even a spotting scope.

DougG 10-16-2009 08:23 PM

Interesting. I hadn't considered the effect of heat mirage from barrel and landscape in the choice of a scope. I do live in the cold, damp, Northwest so maybe the higher powered choices could be of value, including the Bushnell Elite 30 power.

mrm14 10-17-2009 12:16 AM

Dont believe that the heat off my barrel gave off the mirage effect. I feel that the more the magnification scope that you getting a mirage effect from down the range on a hot day will be whats mostly happening.

If your still looking at Leupold scopes I think the VX-3 6.5-20X50mm Long range target or even the 40mmn EFR Target version (keep the scope lower on the rifle) would be what your looking for. Should retail for plus or minus $1000.00. I comes stock with duplex, target dot, and varmit reticle. You'll appreciate the lower level of magnification than the scope with higher magnification. JMO

I have a VXIII 4.5-14X40mm for my M1A that I shoot steel with. This particular scope has their Boone & Crockett BAS reticle. (hold points) 200, 300, 400, 450, 500 yards. Only works well with consistant reloaded ammo. I bought this scope just over a year ago and got the Boone & Crockett reticle because it intreagued me and gave something to play with. This scope is a good hunting scope for longer range and works well for me for steel target.

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