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workinprogress 02-16-2010 04:45 PM

Glass for a .223
Local shop has a package deal for a Savage .223 bolt (not sure what model) and glass. I started thinking that it is most likely not the glass that I'm going to want though. So now I'm looking at something that can do well for me out to 300 yards at the very max. It'll be mostly for punching paper and have a possibility for taking a yote or other small game. I'd say the budget for this is going to be in the $150-$200 range and let me also say that I am clueless on scopes. What do you guys suggest and do you need any more info?

ShadowLID 02-17-2010 08:09 PM

Well depends if you want a variable power scope or a straight power.

If straight power is no problem the i say the Bushnell 3200 Elite 10x40 Tactical.
This can easy get you to 500+yards. But at 100yards your looking at something at 10x.

Here is a good scope Sightron S1 3.5x10x50mm. They have a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Right at the edge of you limit but if you shop around im sure it could be had for around $180 out the door. I think this is you best bet.

Sightron SI Rifle Scope 3.5-10x 50mm Duplex Reticle Matte - MidwayUSA

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