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hockeyjr1 08-30-2011 01:37 PM

dead end on choosing a scope
im new to to AR world and need some help. i just got at the end of april a
RRA AR-15 and now wanna put a scope onto it before my next trip upstate. Ive been looking to stay under the $700 price range so basically every acog is out of my picture. i really am liking the burris XTR 14 with the 5.56 retical since the 62g bullets is what i normally stock at my house, but its far up there on the price range and i cant find a whole lot about it. i started to look at leopold but can find a retical i like for some reason. this morning i came across a nikon with a 5.56 55g retical that is about 350 bucks. im not shooting comp just stuff upstate and the range every month or so usually out to only 200yds. 300 max.
the nikon model is M-223 2-8x32 with BDC 600. im leaning more towards to nikon just cuz of price but wanted to ask around first. thanks ahead for the help guys.

Sniper03 08-30-2011 02:35 PM


Excellent selection on the RRA. They are fine rifles. Regarding the scope my choice of the Nikons for the 223/5.56 would be the Model 8489 it is a 3X12 with 42 mm Objective. It would be more suited to use for Varmint plus do a good job for as you stated 300-400 yard shots. The 8 power is a little much in some varmint environments. Closer shots could cause you some problems finding and staying on target due to the magnification. And the 32 power if you have ever used one then OK. But if not you would find you normally will probably never use it unless for spotting long range targets. Just my thoughts. But one thing you *will need* is a mount to attach to your flat top that moves the scope rings and scope forward. When this type scope is mounted correctly on the AR Rifle the end of the Eye Piece on the Scope should be even with the rear of the Charging Handle on the Receiver. There are several options and many companies make such a mount.
Good Luck and the Nikons are a fairly good scope and will serve your purpose well.


Fisherking 08-30-2011 03:02 PM

Have you taken a look at the Vortex colection. The PST series is great. I just picked up the PST 1x4 with the iluminated reticle and hash marks in MOA or the new to me metric.

hockeyjr1 08-30-2011 08:25 PM

just saw the vortex your talking about and id probably just buy the burris for only 50 bucks more if anything. thanks for the input tho.

i think u read it wrong or i might of wrote it wrong i was looking at the 2 to 8 power 32mm objective Nikon not a 32 power. also i saw the one you were talking about and i think a 42mm would look just a little "too" big for the ar15. seams better for a ar10 to me. i do however like the quick action turret on the one you found as mine doesnt have that but i think ill make up for with with the retical anyways. Oh and as for the mount i have that covered by burris. they make a P.E.P.R. once peice sight that looks sweet compared to the one nikon makes. thanks again for the help man.

Just a little to add to my first post i wont be shooting at close renges wth the scope. i want to get the burris FastFire II and that will be good for anything under 100 yards. it mounts right to the top of the scope rings.

TCH2FLY 08-30-2011 09:20 PM

There have been good and bad reviews on the 600 BDC reticle, I have one on my 1-4x20 and while the ballistic data isn't perfect I was able to figure out my own holdovers and it works fine.


Originally Posted by hockeyjr1 (Post 571952)
2-8x32 with BDC 600.

you correctly described it as a 2 to 8 power zoom by 32mm objective


Originally Posted by Sniper03 (Post 571987)
3X12 with 42 mm Objective.

not the most correct way to describe a scope

the scope has a zoom range from 3 to 12 and so it is typically shown as 3-12 then the objective dimension in this case 42mm and written as 3-12x42mm

a fixed power would be the a single power and objective
for instances 2.5x20mm or 36x44mm

Sniper03 08-30-2011 09:49 PM

Yes Sir!

I did read into it incorrectly! Sorry about that! :)


hockeyjr1 09-02-2011 05:22 AM

Just Orderd the nikon m223 2-8x32 with bdc 600 retical... I think what got me to it is nikon has a program online that let's you select any round, even make custom rds, and it will tell you the distances that each circle will hit for any power setting.. I can even get it right on my iPhone! When I get it on the gun I'll post some pics.

hockeyjr1 09-08-2011 11:19 PM

4 Attachment(s)
Just got the scope all mounted up... Looks sweet and the balance is still in the rifle... Def not a stroll around the park gun without a sling... I'm gunna shoot it tomorrow to see how the reticule is.. Unfortunately I gotta shoot at 30 yards and wait till sunday to get out east to the 200yrd ranges.... Thanks again for the help guys!!

bman940 09-10-2011 02:44 PM

Great choice and pics Hockey
Hockey, Great choice for your RRA. You are Spot On using Nikon's FREE Ballistic Program to customize your BDC reticle. I have used this scope for 2 years now and find it serves my predator and reactive target shooting needs very well.
Keep us posted.

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