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Slawth 11-15-2008 03:05 PM

XDM feedback (long post)
Alright, I searched and could not find much on the XDM. I'm looking for some feedback from XD owners who already had the .45ACP and have now purchased or at least put quite a few rounds through the XDM40. I was all set to pick up a new XD45 last week. I had no interest in a .40S&W as I already have a couple 9's and wanted to replace a beloved .45 I had to sell a few years ago. I have handled several and it had come down to either the XD45 or the Kimber CDP II Pro. (I know- two entirely different guns but they both fit my hand well and I really like them both for different reasons.) and as I would like to pick up a new shotgun this year the Kimber is going to have to wait. Anyway- I got the shop and he had a few XDM.40's in the display so I figured what the hey, might as well fondle one- WOW. I really liked the grip and weight of the gun- not to mention the added capacity. It felt very natural in my hand and I can't deny it is a bit more sexy then the XD models. Crap- I left without the .45 and decided to ponder it a bit. Feedback please- for those of you who have or have shot both. I can only afford one this year and I'm sure we'll see a XDM.45 in the future but I have not shot the XDM and don't have anyone near me who has one to try. I have put a few rounds through the .45 and love it.

Slawth 11-24-2008 07:29 PM

Bought the .45 compact Friday and got to put 50 rounds through it Sat. No regrets what- so- ever. What an amazing pistol. I was actually over gripping it at first waiting for the kick. I bought the compact and even with the 10 round magazine I could not believe the control and accuracy I had with it. Now if every darn vendor on the net was not back ordered on the 13r w/ the grip extension...

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