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CHLChris 11-26-2012 01:06 AM

XDm 45acp recoil spring?? Help!
For some reason I cannot for the life of me find a recoil spring for my 4.5" 45acp XDm.

Can I use the same spring (but different weight) as my 9mm 4.5"?

How come Midway, Brownells, AND Springerprecision don't carry such an animal as a XDM 45acp 4.5" recoil spring?!?!?!

Balota 11-26-2012 11:27 PM

9mm spring probably won't work. May not even fit, but I wouldn't try it if it did. Contact Sprigfield directly. Lifetime warranty. Probably free replacement.

CHLChris 11-27-2012 07:18 PM

I like to have extras on hand, especially for something so simple as a recoil spring.

I'll call Springfield, for sure, but I'm just wondering why I can't find them anywhere!

orangello 11-27-2012 07:27 PM

Doesn't seem to be caliber-specific. That seems weird to me. ???



For use in 9mm, .45 ACP and .40 S&W Calibers

CHLChris 11-28-2012 01:52 AM

Now you see how I am wondering if the 9/40 spring can be used in the 45. The two guns are basically the same size...

JonM 11-28-2012 02:30 AM

shoot the wolff guys an email they are great folks to deal with

CHLChris 12-01-2012 06:26 AM

I'm not sure why I didn't think of that. That must be why they pay you the big bucks around these parts!

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