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Southern6er 10-31-2007 04:58 PM

XD9 vs Glock 19
Which would you choose and why?

rev-arb 10-31-2007 07:35 PM

It is all about personal preference.

I have an 9mm XD Service. It fits my hand well and has been of excellent quality. Some of the reason that it was my choice.

1. Had the gear with it.
2. Better grip angle to fit my hand and fit for line of sight.
3. Like having the grip safety.
4. Personal preference on the trigger. I thought it felt better.
5. Eventhough the gun is manufactured in Croatia, I have always backed American companies if possible.

Bidah 10-31-2007 11:35 PM

You did not say if it was the XD9 Service or not.

I have had both. They are not exactly in the same class (Service and the Glock 19). The 19 is a bit smaller than the XD9 Service in the frame for one. I ended up selling the Glock as the XD fits my hands better. With the 19 I was constantly cutting my hand on the magwell while inserting mags. The Glock 17 fits my had better because of the extra length of the frame, but I did not have one and I just thinned them out, since I really did not need both. The overall size for me is not a concern, but it may be for you. If you want to compare the same size then you have to go to the XD9 compacts.

So far the XD has been every bit as reliable as the 19 was. Get which one fits you best, and then practice a lot with it. That is the fun part.


Phelenwolf 03-26-2009 04:13 AM

I have shot the Glock 17/19 off and on over the years and was never really impressed with it. I guess that is why I never bought one. I was at the local gun shop about 2 yrs ago and picked up an XD45 and it felt that it custom made to my hand. Bought it on the spot along with about 500 rds and went to the range the next Saturday. I have carried it ever since.

When I went to the range that Saturday, I took my wife and a couple of pistols with me to make a day out of it. She LOVES to shot my Sig P220 in
.45, which many of you know is a BIG pistol. Then she tried my XD45. Had to go and order another XD45 for her. (DAMN the luck).:rolleyes::D

Any way she uses a Glock 19 as a LEO and CAN NOT STAND IT. Myself on the other hand, I can carry what ever I want as long and I pass the
q-course with it. Funny thing is she would rather carry my Sig or my (her) XD. She stands 5'1" and weight about 110lbs. so for someone to like the Sig/XD better then the Glock, make you wonder?:confused::rolleyes:
But she may be the exception.

ANYWAYS, Good luck with what ever you choose. Just get what is comfortable for you to shoot and carry. Hope that helps.

gorknoids 03-29-2009 08:06 PM

I only had the opportunity to handle them before choosing (Probably should have fired both, but hindsight being what it is...) What I noticed was that the balance point of the XD is forward of that in the G19. That told me more weight forward, less muzzle flip. Of course, the Glock has the barrel lower in the weapon, which probably makes it a wash. The XD is heavier, again giving me the sense that it would be more stable during firing. The XD has a backstrap safety, which the G19 didn't. The trigger safety is almost identical. The XD is a single-action, whereas the Glock is a double-action, and I prefer single action semis.
The goody package is a big sales point, and quite frankly Springfield was smart to do it. Trying to compete with Glock in the Tupperware market called for getting their weapons in the hands of a lot of shooters and then letting the "word-of-mouth" sales department take over. I think it worked very effectively.
There are other differences between the two (Cocked indicator, round chambered indicator, break-down procedures) that may or may not tip the scales in favor of the XD, but they are choices.
I had to dismiss much of the reported failures in the G19 and look harder at reports of problems with the XD 9 due to the sheer numerical advantage Glock has in the community. It's like comparing reports of failures in the Ford F-150 and failures in the Volvo V70. There are just so many more of them on the street that there are naturally going to be more reports.
Safety is the most important thing to me in firearms, and the Springfield is safer.

ladyM 03-31-2009 01:43 AM

Have had two XDs and both encountered firing pin problems !
Have shot a G-19 in IDPA competition many,many times---have had absolutely no failures of ANY type ! I have taken first place several times
at the Carson City IDPA using my G-19. Never had occasion to question the safety of the gun even after thousands of rounds-----as far as goodies go,
I have spent less than $100.00 on holster and mag. holders.
When considering a gun purchase,my opinion, I determine which gun will
be the very best for the intended purpose and disregard the multitudes of sales "gimmicks". Competition shooting tends to bring out the very worst
characteristics in a firearm. To date I have had no ill happenings with my G-19 !

beasley 04-29-2009 10:56 AM

As reliable as Glocks are, they do jam (stovepipe) if they are limpwristed. I find this to be dangerous because you may have to fire your gun from a weak position (injured etc) in a bad situation. I believe the XD is more reliable than the Glock.

zhuk 05-22-2009 12:19 PM

Only tried a Glock & HS2000 so far (non-US version of XD) but the ambi mag release has to be a winner for us lefties. I also found the slide release on the Glock hard to depress properly.

the HS felt better grip-wise as well. Definately consider it if I can rustle up about 1000 bucks one day.

glockfire 07-15-2009 03:57 AM

Well, I suppose I own both a Glock and Xd, and well, I guess I can say this with conviction, I trust my life to both, but trust my XD more. For me, its easier to stay on target, aquire a target, load and draw, and simply shoot. I love my XD, and coming from a jarhead that shoots for a living now, the XD is made for marksmanship ;)

Gojubrian 07-15-2009 07:02 AM

Semper fi!

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