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remington7mm 01-24-2011 02:46 PM

well i just picked up my xd45 friday, its a very awsome feeling gun and really light with out a loaded mag. i have to say i was in love with my dads 9mm smith and wesson 915 till i got my right hand wraped around my xd. i dont want to start anything with brand wars, so i wont go further. So saturday i field strpped it got her all cleaned up. went to dicks to get a couple boxes of ammo. sunday rolls around i got to take her to the range. i walked into the range with a bunch of people shooting 9mm and found out that it was more popular then i thought anyways......... so i start lighting off my big bertha rounds. felt awsome, low recoil for a 45acp, 13rnd capacity was awsome,just a great feeling ever i put about 200rnds through it and at about 125 i noticed that there was alot of residue from the gun powder build upon the tip of the gun, couldnt really see the front dot sight hard to aim in the range, does anyone know how to clean the front dot sight real well or how to get the gray/black out of it? The thumb release was a bit tough, knowing its a new gun and should only get better ill leave that alone for now. All in all its a great gun and it would deff be my first choice of carry and range gun.

the only thing i am looking for would be a laser for the range, i will do alot of outside shooting in the summer vs indoor, but i really want the laser for the indoor use, self defense at night if i were to ever need it, and so on. so please if any one has a place to buy or a good laser they have plase post pictures and were you got it from im looking to buy. also im looking to get another mag or 2 but still shopping for thoughs. im open to buy used ones to if someone has some they wanna sell, but must be in working condition.

remington7mm 01-24-2011 02:54 PM

wanted to also add that it grouped awsome and im very pleased with how it shoot's. i was using remington ammo 230gr and ate it like it was nothing

i found this laser i have been looing at, doesnt really add any bulkness to the firearm, and its bright.

spittinfire 01-24-2011 03:26 PM

You've got yourself a great weapon in a great caliber. An XD45 was my first handgun and thousands of rounds later it's still in my pocession and Iwouldn't hesitate to trust my life with it. If you've only got 200 rds thru it, it will get better in the next few hundred. Around the 500ish mark mine really settled in.
I've always cleaned my slide with hoppes and never had any problems getting any residue off the front sight with a few drops on an AP(or old tooth brush) brush.

I personally am not a fan of lasers but to each their own. I'm glad your happy with your new purchase,

Gojubrian 01-24-2011 04:58 PM

I started shooting much better with my xd at about the 500rd mark as well. Great guns!!

amoroque 01-24-2011 05:14 PM

When I clean my front sight dot, I just use the Hoppes with a tooth brush and it comes right off.

Your thumb release will loosen up over time.

You made a good decision in weapon and caliber.....IMO.

remington7mm 01-25-2011 02:19 PM

thanks, i dont know if i stated it or not, but im going to put more rounds through it and get everything lossened up in febuary before i go about buying a laser. i was origanally set on the m&p 45, i walked into cabelas and the salesman talked me out of it and told me i would be much happier with the xd as he had one himself. i use the hopps cleaning solution to and cleaned the guns right as i got home to keep it looking new and to get the residue off of it. over all i am very very happy i bought it new so i can keep track of the rounds put through it. now it just sucks i have to take it to the range with my dad because im unlucky to be under 21, however when it get warm out i will bring it out by myself to a buddys farm in the sticks, were we are actually aloud to shoot alot of stuff my local range wont let us shoot, so it kinda works out good. but all in all im in love with it and take care of it like a baby and hopefully someday the state of illinois willlet us carry hmmmmmmmm.

you guys with the 45's what kind of ammo are you guys running through yours? i was shooting remington umc pistol cartrages and it loved it, wouldn't mind trying a different ammo next time to see what else she likes. what are some other places to buy ammo. i go to dicks now and they are about 25 bucks a box. i have seen them at farmin fleet for 18.75 a box for the same ammo. any one reccomend a new place to buy ammo, or a cheaper place? im going to try some reloads to from my local gun shows, but i did find some winchesters for about the same price as the reloads so maybe i will just buy a box or 2 of winchesters? not to sure on the ammo yet but it did like the remingtons so far.

spittinfire 01-25-2011 02:45 PM

My XD has eaten everything I've tried thru it without an issue. I use only brass cased ammo but the favor varies with what was on sale that week.

Then I started reloading.

remington7mm 01-25-2011 08:06 PM

well i would also start reloading but all the ammo i shot this weekend i was going to keep the casings and the workers at the range started sweeping them into the actual shooting lane infront of the stand and couldnt get them back. these next couple boxes i buy im going to collect the brass after every other mag and start saving and this summer im going to start reloading them all once it starts to get hot enough to the point were i dont wanna going out side!

orangello 01-25-2011 08:12 PM

Nice choice! I love my XD45. It has eaten everything i've fed it, mostly from the $ menu ;) : remington UMC, Winchester white box (some of this had ugly spots on the cases, ugly but smooth), Blazer Brass, and lots of Federal.

I seriously love the mag loader.

remington7mm 01-25-2011 09:15 PM

yea the mag loader deff saved my thumb from the new mag springs lol. so far im digging it and very nice to shoot. i cant wait to get some more rounds through it to see how accurate it really is and how the reacts after 1000rnds!

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