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schnelting21 02-07-2012 08:32 PM

Xd vs xdm
What's the big difference between the 2??? Is the xd gear better?? Or what's better about the xdm then the xd??

Overkill0084 02-07-2012 08:55 PM

Match barrel.
Interchangeable back straps.
Improved (IMHO) trigger.
I believe that they changed the design so you don't have to pull the trigger as part of field stripping.
Styling- New cooler appearance. There may be more, but those are the highlights.
XD- still a viable platform.
Barrel, sure the new kid has a match barrel, but the older ones are decent.
No interchangeable back straps-the older design is actually not bad.
Not as good a trigger as the XDm- there are upgrade kits if you are bothered by it. As polymer guns go it's not that bad.
Trigger pull as part of take down-clear your weapon properly and you'll be fine.
Styling-Sure, it's a bit dated, but then so is that unnamed Austrian competitor.

Just my opinion, but if you can find an XD that does what you need it to, you can save a fair bit of money with a new purchase. In my area, there are a LOT of used XDs out there and you can save even more used.

schnelting21 02-08-2012 12:00 AM

So a xdm 9mm for 560 is a good price

TNBlackSheep 02-08-2012 02:06 AM


Originally Posted by schnelting21 (Post 702222)
So a xdm 9mm for 560 is a good price

Yeah, that's a pretty good price. That's what I got mine for (4.5") and I looked all over the local stores, big stores, and online before buying. Most places are 599-649.

I haven't shot an XD, but I'm loving my XDm. I've heard nothing but good things about the XD too, the m is just the newest shiniest toy. One afternoon at the range, it changed my brother's opinion from "You should get a Glock, not a Springfield" to "I still love my Glocks, but maybe I'll get a Springfield too."

Balota 02-08-2012 02:46 AM

Correct about the XDm change to eliminate the trigger pull to disassemble the weapon. I rented an XD 9mm subcompact for a few months while saving to buy my gun. I asked if they had an XDm compact to rent. Tried it once and bought one on the spot. Maybe it was just the longer barrel (3.8 vs. 3.1 inch) but I shot a lot better than I had with the subcompact. The nice thing about the XD / XDm is that you are choosing between good and gooder!

JonM 02-08-2012 02:50 AM

i rented xd pistols in the past never tried a xdm until my wife picked a xdm 9mm as her ccw gun. then i bought myself a 45acp version. the grip of the xd was just a little off. everything with the xd was just not quite there for me. after trying her xdm i had to have one. its a lot of little stuff that adds up to a big difference for me. the grip texture of the xdm better. the design of the mag release on the xdm is better. i like the changeable backstraps. gives the gun a good feel for me i swapped in the smallest backstrap and it was perfect.

thats all pretty subjective however

the biggest difference in the 9mm versions is capacity. xd 16+1 xdm 19+1.

20 rounds of 9mm has almost convinced me to switch from 45acp!!

the 45acp version capacity is the same. i was a very long time 1911 person, 20+ years, but i switched to the xdm for most of my ccw needs. i still carry a 1911 colt new agent at times but its rare. my need for concealed at all times is not anywhere like it used to be

Axxe55 02-08-2012 02:58 AM

the XD is a good handgun, but with the improvements offered by the XDm, it just becomes a mch better pistol. the top of the slide is profiled a little differently from the XD also. i like the fact that i can change the backstrap and make it more comfortable for the wife to shoot. i bought mine last year, in very lightly used condition, almost perfect, for $475+tax. i still feel i made out like a bandit. IMO, the Glock is a good pistol, and one i wouldn't hesitate buying either if the price was right, but the XDm is a much better pistol that is an improvement over the Glock. if Glock were to incorporate some of the features of the XDm, they would have an awesome pistol.

Magnaiter 02-08-2012 08:01 PM

I've had my XDm scence 09' , it shoots Whell for me, carry it ever day bout all day but was look'n to buy the 3.8 XDm soon. I had a chance to shoot a friends compact XD an it shot jus as good as mine but I did notice a different fell in the trigger .

Balota 02-08-2012 11:37 PM

XDm trigger felt pretty good to me. A little different from the XD, but I'm not very experienced and may not be sensitive to the subtleties of trigger pull. Pretty sure preferences in trigger pull can be a lot like preferences in beer, largely a matter of personal taste. All I know is, XDm felt a lot better overall to me.

I had tried 1911 and one or two other semi-automatics. Settled in on the XD style mainly to avoid the manual safety. If (God forbid) I ever have to use my gun in self defense, I don't want to think about much of anything except point and shoot. I like the extra capacity of an semi-automatic compared to a revolver. In a sense, the XD is a lot like a revolver. If I have the gun in hand and finger on the trigger, one squeeze and I get one round. The safeties (which do not exist on the revolver) are built in to the trigger and the grip. When I tried the XDm the grip was only a little different from the XD, but felt a lot better. When I shot better with it, that settled my questions.

Sorry for the rabbit trail off the thread. XDm or XD, 6:5 and pick'em. Both good guns to me, for what it's worth. What matters is how YOU feel about them. Pick the one you like and run/gun with it!

theropinfool 02-09-2012 01:10 AM

I recently was faced with the same question. My buddy wants a new .40 sw, he asked me what one I liked better. I have an XD, and my other buddy has a XDm, .40 sw as well. So we headed off to the local range to try them out. XDm had a 3.8 barrel, my XD has the 4, I noticed his has a little more whip, I liked the higher cap mags, I didn't feel a big difference in the grips. My take? (Let me put on my combat helmet real quick here) Now, I'm no pistolero by any means, I hardly shoot mine, but I couldn't really see $200 worth of difference. XDm is a damn fine gun, but not worth $200 more to me.

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