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vicoman 05-24-2007 04:56 PM

Where should I go for custom work?
I was wondering what are suggestions for where I should send my XD45 for some custom work. I was thinking I'd have the trigger converted to a "carry" pull & Polish the feed ramp just for starters.

vicoman 05-24-2007 04:57 PM

XD-45 Barrel Twist
Anyone know what the barrel twist ratio of a stock .45 Service is?

guns4fun 05-27-2007 04:39 AM

I have heard that this place does nice work I have not used them but others have had good results.

Spartan 06-13-2007 04:50 PM

canyon creek
the smith at canyon creek does some of the best work possible when you want custom, also Springfield does custom work as well the last time i checked

fpdsniper 06-16-2007 01:19 PM

Springfield Armory has their own XD custom shop! Their new website is really nice, and if I remember, you can download the XD custom shop services catalog. Or, just call them and request a hard copy. Their website can be found here:


Loves2Shoot 07-30-2007 10:40 PM

Springer Precision doesn't just modify the stock parts, they have their own parts made specidically for the XD trigger jobs.

Dark Knight 10-15-2007 09:55 PM

#1 Scott Springer is great at the XD trigger jobs.FAST Turn around..I will have his parts at our new web store..HIGH QUALITY aftermarket ones.....

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