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XDmGreek 03-02-2012 03:04 AM

Tulammo and my XDm .45
Went to the range today to try out the steel cased 230gr FMJ rounds from Tulammo. I bought 100 rounds at my local Walmart for $29. I shot the 100 rounds, and then shot 100 rounds of WWB 230gr FMJ's. I had no problems at all. No FTF, no FTE, no squibs or hang fires. They went BANG every time. All spent casings ejected at the same angle every time and landed very close to the spent brass of the WWB. I did notice that the felt recoil was significantly less than the WWB, and the Independance rounds I shot my previous trip to the range. Accuracy was spot on at 7, 18, and even 25 yards. It seemed to me that these were good performing rounds for the range.

doc2009 03-03-2012 05:49 PM

They aren't "bad" rounds but watch shooting steel cased ammo especially if your shooting it all the time. Steel is harder than Brass "obviously" which in the long run can cause your weapon to wear down faster than normal with shooting just Brass cased ammo. My buddy who is an armorer told me to stay clear of steel cased ammo cause of the long term potential damage to the weapon. Just word of advice take is as you will. Just thought it might be help full. When i go to the range personally i shoot reloads or i pick up a couple boxes of PMJ which is fairly cheap range ammo. Depends on where you shoot but the last box i bought of PMJ was right around $20 bucks. But it depends on where you get it from also. If you got any questions shoot me a message.

XDmGreek 03-06-2012 02:38 AM

Thanks for the info!! Think I'm going to keep the steel cases to a real minimum based on your feedback and some research.

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