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doug71 11-26-2011 07:04 PM

Springfield xdm
I'm getting a springfield xdm next week just having a problem figuring out what caliber I should get are witch one is better 40 or 45 caliber please help

Marlinman 11-26-2011 07:28 PM


Originally Posted by doug71
I'm getting a springfield xdm next week just having a problem figuring out what caliber I should get are witch one is better 40 or 45 caliber please help

Most everyone on her, myself included, would take a 45 over a 40 anyday. 45 is very common and you can find different kinds of ammo for every use known to for them.

guthy125 11-26-2011 07:28 PM

It depends on what you want. Go to your local gun range and see if they have both for rent. Try them both out and see which caliber feels more cpmfortable to you.

rdallen 11-27-2011 01:24 AM

XDm .45
I chose the XDm in .45 for my first handgun and have been extremely pleased. I have had it a couple months and put about 1,000 rounds through it in a half dozen trips to the range. No feed or fire issues and a very accurate. I had tried a friends Glock .40 before buying and couldn't hit anything with it, very disappointed with that experience. Like the other suggestion, find a range that rents and see what is most comfortable for you.

kano 11-28-2011 05:18 AM

I have 3 XDM's 2 are 45's one is a 9mm.
A good friend has a 40.
JMO , I reload for my 45's and get very good hand held groups at 25 & 50 yards.
I like the 9 in that it holds a ton of rounds and has very little recoil feels great in my hands but is not as accurate past 20 yards for me.
I shoot my friends 40 and like it (XDM 5.25 .)
But you should try them if you can before buying one.

"witch one is better 40 or 45 caliber please help "
JMO There is no such thing as what is better for someone else.
Go by how a pistol feels for you.
I find my needs are different than others and go by what will fill my needs.
I do most of my range time at 25 meters indoors and 50 yards if I make it to an outdoor range.
So I buy guns even my carry ones that group well at 25 yards.
I have big hands and the xdm's feel like compacts to me 4.5 models.
I use mine for carry along with other full size pistols.
But your needs and wants might be the total opposite of mine.
I reload for my 45's so that cuts down on the price of ammo.
45 or 40 there is no right or wrong JMO comes down to each shooter.;)
Best of luck and go by your needs and try to shoot both before you buy one...

kano 11-28-2011 06:43 AM

Good guy ..
Just shows the different models 5.25 . 9, 40, 45.

Axxe55 11-28-2011 09:58 AM

i have the XDm40 and really like it, but i like 40's anyways. i already had a 1911 in 45 and a good deal came available on my XDm40 so i went for it. just recently i also added another 1911 45 to the collection so i'm glad i went with the XDm in 40 now.

GATOR101 11-29-2011 09:41 PM

Will I brought my first Springfield and it was the xdm 45. I must say I love it. It will be my ccw have several other handguns but the xdm makes me more of a accurate shot then I'm really am. Lol I love it.

partdeux 11-30-2011 01:13 AM

just listened to Tom Gresham's Guntalk show today where he interviewed SA and they were talking about how great the XDM45-Compact is. Might be worth a listen. guntalk's Podcast 11/27-A

Firearms4ever 11-30-2011 01:25 AM

There's no definative best caliber/cartridge. It's mainly preference or what you plan on using the firearm for. I, like a lot of other members here, prefer the .45 ACP over the .40 mainly, because I just like the .45 ACP better. There's no particular reason it's just my preference, but in my opinion the .40 offers more versatility over the .45, because there are more different weight bullets available.

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