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AdamSean 01-29-2013 07:49 PM

Range Report: Springfield XD-9
I was able to get out today and put some rounds through my new Springfield XD-9. I expected it to perform well and I got nothing less. 300 rounds and not a single hiccup. I went though a variety of ammuntion. Federal FMJ 115 gr, Winchester PDX1 124 gr +P, Hornady TAP 147 gr, Hornady Critical Duty 135 gr, and Federal Hi-Shok. All fed perfectly and extracted to the rear and right. I fired both 2 handed and 1 handed. Slow fire and rapid fire. The only issue I had early was the take down lever was stinging my support hand's thumb. But learning to hold with my thumb just below it was easy and I do it naturally now. After seeing how well it works, I feel confident that I can carry 5this for a long time.

Slow fire standing. Ignore the 2 flyers. I anticipated recoil and pulled it low.

All these were rapid fire. Double taps to the head.

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