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V2Rider 02-27-2009 12:33 AM

New guy here (on this forum) with 2 XDMs
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Hi. I have 2 XDMs, among many other toys in the pics. My question is I recieved the gear up 2 free mags for my 9mm XDM, so I have 4 for the 9 and 2 for the 40 XDM. Anyone interested in a straight trade? I will trade a brand new 9mm XDM mag for a 40 XDM mag of equal ( not something that already worn out, lol). I would rather have 3 of each. Thanks for any responses. Enjoy my pics.

SGT-MILLER 02-27-2009 12:37 AM

Oh sure..........make everyone on here drool over your firearms with your first post.........

good job, hero.............................


spittinfire 02-27-2009 12:43 AM

You ruined that first picture with the glock...welcome to the forum!

Dillinger 02-27-2009 12:59 AM

Okay, this new guy has his sh!t together and is officially a JD Approved "Hang Around" - You mess with him, you are messing with my boys!

Welcome to the Forum Bad Ass!


Jo da Plumbr 02-27-2009 01:07 AM

Welcome to the site V2
So what kind of scope is that on the 12 guage?

Gojubrian 02-27-2009 03:44 AM



canebrake 02-27-2009 04:18 AM

I see you're practicing safe shooting with the rubber on the glock.
It even has ribs for her pleasure!

The Godfather 02-27-2009 08:55 PM

^^^^^^^ bwahahahahaha

nice arsenal you got there :)

orangello 02-27-2009 09:26 PM

Welcome! These guys seem to know their stuff very well; you should like hanging with them.

I believe the virtue of your daughters is absolutely safe sir. :D

What is the attachment on the bottom right XD? Is that shotgun plugged into an electrical charger? :confused:

skullcrusher 02-27-2009 10:01 PM

Nuthin' like playing trump on the opening play. :D

I think those pics need to be in other threads, too. :cool:

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