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mesinge2 06-25-2010 10:45 PM

My Brand Spanking New Springer
I have 4 Colt 1911s, 2 Berettas (M9, 84), and a number of revolvers.
I was always of the mind set that I would never own a tupperware gun.
But look what happened to me today:

Attachment 15827
Attachment 15830
Attachment 15828
Attachment 15829

I always liked the look and features of the Springfield XDm but it was not in my favorite caliber.

Now it is! I can't wait to shoot it!

ScottA 06-26-2010 12:30 AM

GAAAHHH! :eek:

Don't you know not to point that thing at the camera!

I nearly spilled my cream soda.

BTW... Love it. Love it. Love it.

collegekid20 06-26-2010 01:07 AM

And it Soo pretty

canebrake 06-26-2010 01:16 AM

Great looking piece, chambered in a real round!

Keep us in the loop, looking forward to seeing the RR (Range Report).

zhuk 06-26-2010 01:21 AM

Such a nice looking gun! Ha wish 4.5" was legal here

SGT_Calle 06-27-2010 04:56 PM

Looks great. Totally jealous.

CA357 06-27-2010 05:05 PM

Congratulations. Enjoy that rascal.

dunerunner 06-27-2010 05:05 PM

Nice! Congrats!! Let us know how she shoots!

skullcrusher 06-27-2010 05:20 PM

Nice! What is the capacity of the XDm .45?

mesinge2 06-27-2010 05:35 PM

The capacity is actually the same as the XD-45 capacity of 13. I don't mind because I am used to 8+1 1911s and the magazines are readily available (I don't have to wait for midway or cabela's to get them because the gun is soo new).

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