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Succinct 07-26-2009 01:22 AM

Anyone seen an XD sticker out there (Euro-style)?
I am looking for one of those white oval European 2-letter style stickers that have been so abused lately ("GB" = Great Britain, "OBX" = Outer Banks, etc) that are displayed on the rear of one's car. I want it to be simply "XD" in the same style. It's subtle, and would be recognized amongst us firearms fans, but would go right over the head of a gun control lib. It's about the only Euro-style thing I want.


If I don't find one out there, I'll just make up my own on my computer or something.

Jpyle 08-28-2009 04:27 AM

Not exactly what you are looking for but found this on SA site.

Other Cool Stuff : Springfield Armory Store

Succinct 08-28-2009 07:52 PM

That's good, but I really wasn't looking for their logo. I was thinking something more like this:

Couldn't find it, so I created my own. I think I'll make it more family-friendly and then post it on Cafepress.

spittinfire 08-28-2009 08:16 PM

have them printed....I'd buy one.

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