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ThinkFastHolsters 12-19-2011 02:02 PM

Whats your EDC set up?
What's up guys? Haven't posted in a while and wanted to get some input from you veteran FTF bloggers and even the n00bs like myself. What do you guys have in your Every day carry rig? I'll start.

-Springfield XD .40 service model in a concealment solutions Black Mamba IWB holster.
-2 mags (24 rounds) of hornady TAP
-Gerber multi tool
-kershaw volt II folder
-smith and wesson extreme ops folder (back up knife)
-stream light polytac led flashlight

Let's see what you got!

trip286 12-19-2011 02:51 PM

Smith model 65-2 4"barrel in a don hume JIT slide holster. Prints like the government prints worthless money. I don't care. I don't carry reloads, because I haven't invested in any speed loaders or pouches to carry them. Only part of the reason being, because I intend to get a 1911 in about a month and a half, and if I do the smith will probably be used mostly for range duty. The other part being because I just really don't think I would need reloads. How often do chicken $H!T coward criminals run as soon as shots are fired in their direction? I've seen and heard of very few that actually stand and fight, and I'm (maybe stupidly) kind of inadvertently counting on that one wild variable. Kind of a "do as I say, not as I do" kind of thing.

JonM 12-19-2011 11:41 PM

currently i take my wallet cellphone car/truck keys. in addition to that i take my work ID and work keys when im working. when im not working i carry my colt new agent in a galco iwb holster and one spare 7 round mag loaded with 230grn fmj the gun itself holds 230 grain awc HP.

if i end up with a xdm 45acp 3.8 it will replace my new agent.

ThinkFastHolsters 12-20-2011 03:47 AM

What about everyone's "extras"? anyone carry lights, folders, multi tools, etc? That's just as important. After all our pistols are just survival tools. We need other tools to supplement that.

trip286 12-20-2011 04:07 AM

Lights? I rarely go out at night, I'm of the opinion that nothing good happens after dark. If I'm out, I'm in will lit areas. I keep a 4D mag next to the bed at home.

Folder? I've always got a knife, usually more than one, and almost always one of them is a fixed blade.

Multi tool? I'm never far from home or truck, and both are well stocked with tools.

I'm not a very tacticool person. I personally don't subscribe to the school of carry everything but the kitchen sink. I don't knock those that do, and I understand the utility of lights and multi tools, but if I need to fix something, it can wait until morning.

subie-jeep 12-20-2011 04:21 AM

Kershaw Clash
Streamlight PT1L

I mostly just carry the light in the winter months because its still dark when I get to work and I sometimes don't get to go home 'till after sunset.

Malcap 04-24-2016 12:51 AM

People carry a plethora of various arrangements. Some rotate items due to season or mission. Presently a Smith 9 Shield with CTC Green Laserguard Sight, Mags expanded to one additional round each via the Magguts double spring kit, a BladeTech IWB Holster with Ulticlip, wallet chuck full of cards, house keys on a Kubaton, standard cell phone, one extra ProMag ten round magazine, car keys with remote when driving, custom Rx bifocal sunglasses, khaki vest for extra crap, lip balm, handkerchief, Ace pocket comb, quarters for parking meters and baseball cap as required and my wife for "back-up."

Donn 04-24-2016 01:05 AM

Shield 9, two spare mags.
Cell phone.
CRKT M16-12ZE.
Kershaw Leek. Not really a back-up knife. It's easy handling, and I like it.
Gerber multi-tool.
Wallet, money, keys.

Malcap 04-24-2016 02:24 PM

Yep and I usually forget to include my knife and carry it. Spyderco Matriarch 2, and Harpy plus a few others. No automatic knives allowed here which would apply to the assists and even gravity knives. No knife over four inches allowed by local laws.

Minorcan 04-24-2016 02:39 PM

XDS 45 acp in a Nemesis carried in strong side pocket or in a King Tuck IWB at 4:00.

I also carry two spare mags and a Kershaw assisted opening knife.

I've tried other setups but this works best for me.

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