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jingo399 10-30-2007 04:13 PM

Storing Loaded Sig Mags.
I use a Sig551 as a patrol rifle at work, due to our regulations this is kept in a hardshell box either in my vehicle or in our unit armoury unless we are deployed. This can happen very rapidly and i prefer to have my magazines loaded in the hardshell box ready to go. We use the standard Sig plastic mags (20 or 30 rd).
Our armourer keeps insisting that they should be stored unloaded, I was always taught in the military that storing them loaded for any length of time does no real harm to the magazine springs.
As this could be a life or death matter im interested in any views, comments, or experiences other members may have had.
Cheers Jingo

Jay 10-30-2007 05:28 PM

Fatigue in a magazine spring comes from use, not static storage. I personally have used loaded 1911 magazines that were over 20 years old with no feed issues or failures. As long as the physical condition of the spring (rust or damage) is serviceable, you should have no problems. In your case, I'd be more concerned with storing the rifle in the hardshell box most of the time. Foam can hold moisture, and I don't leave my rifles in the case any longer than I have to. I usually spray Corrosion X onto a towel, then fold the towel around the rifle while in the case.

Your mileage may vary.... just my 2 cents worth... :)

jingo399 10-30-2007 07:47 PM

Cheers Jay,
Ive never had feed problems in the past with magazine stored for 6 months at a time on ops and lets face it British 30rd M16 pattern mags hardly had a good reputation especially when coupled with the L85A1.
I suspect the guys at Sig have over engineered theirs the same as the rest of the rifle.
Thanks for the tip on the moisture it is important with our climate and i have noticed the odd incidence of rust in the chamber.

Semper Fidelis

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