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serpa holster snatch fail

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No I completely understand and agree. He had No idea the firearm was empty. I hope I scared some sense into him.
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Default the OP: Maybe you should beat BiL with a chair...seemed to work for the other guy on this thread.

fpdSniper: That is a horrible thing to have happen in front of anyone and I hope charges were pressed for his negligence. I work with several people that would do something like this and I pray everyday that I am nowhere around when something similar to this situation actually happens...we've come close several times already....smh
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Originally Posted by mountainman13 View Post
Went to visit my father for fathers day. He had the extended family over. I was hanging in the house and grabbing a drink when my wise a$$ step brother (marine) snuck up behind me (heard him coming) and he tried to snatch my glock. The serpa holster worked great! I chopped his wrist away and before he could react my gun was drawn and in his stomach. (mag was in my pocket) He jumped back hands in the air and I re-holstered my weapon. I then answered his questions about the holster.

I love this thing and don't think I will ever switch back to leather.
This is how Accidental Shootings happen.
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These jokesters are the curse of the shooting community! There was a young "cherry-butter-bar" (2nd. lieutenant, newly arrived in-country) who was made OIC of a perimeter sector at the base camp of the 2d Brigade of the 101st in Vietnam. He thought it would be clever to sneak up on random bunkers to catch troopers asleep on duty so he could write them up. On his second night of this duty he crept up the side of a bunker manned at that time by a buck sergeant back at the camp to prepare for DEROS (Date Estimated Return from Over-Seas). This guy was ending his second tour in 'Nam, had been through Tet of '68 at Bien Hoa, spent months on patrol in I-Corps (usually in the Au Shau valley), and had spent some time as a LRRP (Long-Range Recon Patrol). Now he was a week from heading down-country and out-processing to go back to the world where apparently his long-time girlfriend had accepted his marriage proposal. As any short-timer will tell you, those last days are very nerve-wracking because you want nothing to get in the way of going home. This troop was in no mood for some idiot officer to be playing "got'cha!" in the dark! When the lieutenant crept over the edge of the bunker he was met with a face-full of 5.56 on rock n'roll from six-feet away! He took most a full magazine (18 rounds then) before falling off the bunker. He was shipped off in a rubber body-bag the next day and the sergeant was held over from going home to his wedding while the Army performed a full inquest into the shooting. After a week he was cleared and sent on his way to try to have a happy life while knowing that he had taken the life of an innocent (though ignorant) member of his own service.
The eternal moral of this and all the other stories? GRAB-ASS AND GUNS DO NOT MIX!!!
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Originally Posted by fpdsniper View Post
Oh, boy. Well first of all, the good. Yes, I'm also a big fan of the Serpa holster, and sell a lot of them. Now the bad. The situation you described would make an excellent poster for how gun "accidents" happen. I can't think of more ignorant stunt to pull. Years ago, we had a local training class for police officers dealing with defending yourself from being disarmed. After the class, one of the officers was speaking with the instructor. Another student thought he'd be cute, and take the other officers gun while he was preoccupied with the instructor. He came up from behind, snatched the other officers gun from his holster, and pulled the trigger while the gun was still upside down. What he didn't know was that the first officer had already reloaded since the class was OVER. The officer was shot in the abdomen and died before the ambulance arrived. Now officer dumb-ass has to live with what he did, and the dead officer's family his left to grieve. The instructor has mental grief issue's to this day over having that officer killed in front of him. All because someone wanted to be "cute", like your idiot brother in law. Sorry, as a firearms trainer and range officer you post really struck a nerve and I hope no one here would do something so stupid.
Exactly. Anyone who screws around with guns is playing right into the hands of the media and the antis.


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