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MikeJK 07-01-2012 10:07 PM

Sandstorm Custom Rifle Slings
I had the chance to try two of the Sandstorm Custom Rifle Slings braided 550 Cord slings, a two point (standard weave) and single point (double cobra weave). I’ll be honest, I was a little apprehensive at first. Being a fan of padded slings I figured the 550 Cord would be uncomfortable. I was wrong, completely wrong. It got up to 100 degrees and the humidity wasn’t too far off that mark. It was most definitely a “case-of- water” type of day. Regardless of the inclement weather both the 2-point and single point slings retained a high level of comfort. Let’s be honest, comfort is one of the most important things in a sling besides retention.

The class was titled Armored Vehicle thus most of the drills were ran in and around a vehicle. Getting in and out of a vehicle w/ a slung weapon is not easy and can be quite cumbersome. Theses slings performed very well the entire 9 hours.

Speaking of retention, these two slings did a stellar job in that department as well. Two point slings are my preference (slings are often a personal preference thing). They are inherently better at retaining a rifle while on the move and I like how the rifle rests while working my secondary firearm. The single point did a fine job also. It kept the stock in the perfect position for fast shouldering. I feel the single point was perfect for the converted Draco. The HK style hooks are light, functional, and very strong. They snap into place and hold tight but are able to be opened with a single finger. High quality hardware and fasteners are used throughout.

My firearms are tools; I don’t care what they look like! I’ve said that more than once myself. Sounds great but who doesn’t like functional gear that is also good looking. Like I stated before, these slings are functional but look good too. The black and grey combination looks cool. The black and grey weave would be my choice over the all black for sure. They also offer a King Cobra weave and a multitude of color combinations ranging from black to pink.

Initial opinion of this product wasn’t strong as I was happy with the BlueForce Gear padded slings I had been using for roughly 3 years now. I really like the adjustment strap that allows the sling to be lengthened for easy transition from shoulder to shoulder. Then I thought of how often that situation has presented itself. Maybe 1% of my shooting is done from my non dominant side. So it really is a moot point.

In normal fashion I encouraged others to shoot my firearms. Everyone who has tried either sling has reported back on how much they like them. The only complaint was from my 250 pound former Marine friend. The sling for my 180 pound frame was too small. When ordering order the proper length. They do offer approximately six inches of adjustability.

They look good, are comfortable, well made, and are very functional. Four for four for what a sling should be. I would definitely recommend a Sandstorm sling to anyone for any type of shooting need. And if you ever get in a bind and need 550 cord theses slings offer 80 feet of it. If you’re looking for a great sling hit the guys up at

Axxe55 07-01-2012 10:35 PM

Mike, isn't he a member on this forum? and would they work on a bolt action type rifle or even a shotgun? just curious, because those slings look nice.

BTW, very good review of the slings. very informative.

MikeJK 07-01-2012 11:16 PM

He (SSCRS) is a forum member here and that is how I came to get a hold of the slings. Sandstorms website is put together very well and they have some examples of what they offer. You can do shotguns, lever guns, you name it. They also offer other attaching methods other than the HK hook. I would contact SSCRS.

trip286 07-01-2012 11:22 PM

If you think about it, a woven sling, such as a 550 cord sling, is going to have a ton of flex and give in the weave. The cordage may wear out over time (maybe if you carry your rifle for around 50 years day in and day out), but it's known for being very durable, and a simple weave is going to be great for flexibility, and therefor, comfort.

SSCRS 07-02-2012 12:01 AM


Originally Posted by trip286 (Post 855736)
If you think about it, a woven sling, such as a 550 cord sling, is going to have a ton of flex and give in the weave. The cordage may wear out over time (maybe if you carry your rifle for around 50 years day in and day out), but it's known for being very durable, and a simple weave is going to be great for flexibility, and therefor, comfort.

I don't try to get involved in threads regarding our stuff unless there is a specific question asked, but just a couple things to throw in.

For comfort, I personally think our extra wide double cobra weave has the best "padded" feel. I use one on my hunting rifle, which is already pretty light weight, but with the sling it makes it very easy to carry. The standard weave is probably the second best for comfort, but is *much* more flexible then the double cobra weaves.

As for durability, I would see it possibly being worn out after years of use. Paracord is pretty durable, and unless its left out in the sun all the time, I could see it lasting longer then most people seem to own the rifle. It's rated pretty high for abrasion resistance, low stretch, and mildew resistance. Have't yet had an issue with cord breaking or coming unwoven.

I actually sent Mike my single point sling, which is set up for very high and tight to the body carry, not for use with a chest rig (I mainly use AK's with shorter stocks). I can easily see how people would want something with a larger loop, which we do quite regularly, but I prefer to keep a very low probability of hitting myself somewhere that doesn't react well to being hit when I drop my gun for transitions.

If ya'll have any questions, feel free to PM me. I'm thinking we are gonna get set up here as a sponsor once we free up some money (vacation drained the petty cash fund) so we can get a gallery up.

Just for reference, this is a extra wide that I run on my 1895 GBL, and Mossberg 500

MikeJK 07-02-2012 12:12 AM

High and tight is the way all rifles should be worn. You shouldn't have to put the stock in your should. All you should have to do is use the point of the stock to rotate it into your shoulder pocket. It's faster and helps w/ muscle memory and repeatability. This translates into being faster on target. Tight makes it much better while moving.

I posted this elsewhere on the forum but here is the sling in action.

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