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BillyHart 09-05-2012 01:58 AM

New holster I just finished.
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mountainman13 09-05-2012 02:07 AM

Why is the trigger exposed?

Rick1967 09-05-2012 02:25 AM


Originally Posted by mountainman13 (Post 928580)
Why is the trigger exposed?

What he said.

BillyHart 09-05-2012 09:50 AM

I used a old pattern that I already had for a western syle 1911 holster . A style with a new look.

BillyHart 09-05-2012 09:51 AM

A retro style with a new look.

mountainman13 09-05-2012 11:16 AM

I thought you might have been going for a shoot through. It looks good but the exposed trigger would drive me bonkers. I like the style aside from that.

ineverFTF 09-05-2012 11:26 AM

It looks great.

But i am with the others on this, the exposed trigger, despite 1911 having good safeties, seems dangerous.

BillyHart 09-05-2012 11:44 AM

I agree but its the pattern the customer wanted. So that is the way I made it.

mountainman13 09-05-2012 11:48 AM

Can't argue with that.

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