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grkyank 05-22-2007 04:23 AM

Leupold scopes
Was wondering what the general consensus is on this brand.


BrassMonkey 05-22-2007 01:33 PM

Top notch brand, high dollar, but worth every penny.

fpdsniper 06-10-2007 08:23 AM

I've been using Leupold scopes professionally for quite a few years now. I also use them on my varmint and target rigs. It's also the brand I sell the most of. Here's a picture of my duty sniper rifle with a Leupold #60000 4.5-14X50 with the TMR Reticle:

If you need a great price on any Leupold scope, please email me with the 5 digit Leupold part number to: My prices are too low to post on my website. Thanks!


FALPhil 07-05-2007 11:22 PM

Leupold used to be the best scope for the money in North America. Over the last 10 years, things have changed. The Eastern Europeans, as their economies have grown, have entered the market in a huge way. Two premium brands which compete very well with Leupold are IOR-Valdada and Meopta. Some smaller companies have found ways to provide superior products by farming out component manufacturing to specialty vendors. Burris, Falcon, Sightron, and Bushnell have stepped up to the table quite will. One of my favorite values is the Mueller Tac II, which has high quality Japanese glass and very well done Chinese mechanics on an American design - all that for under $300 on the street.

Still, it's hard to go wrong with a Leupold. You will always be able to get your money's worth out of it because of their no BS warranty regardless of the number of times it has changed hands.

pioneer461 07-10-2007 11:13 PM

I once worked at Leupold (2001-2005), and can attest to the fact that they are fanatics about quality. If you want a quality scope that will last a lifetime, is built in the United States (Beaverton, Oregon) and is backed by the best warranty in the business, buy a Leupold.


It's pronounced Lew-pold, not Lea-pold.
The ONLY foreign parts are the lenses, from Taiwan or Japan.
If it has golden (annodized) rings, it is made in the USA. If it has green rings, it is imported.

Dutch 08-11-2007 01:15 AM

It's my understanding they are top notch quality wise. Best of all they're made by americans.

alsaqr 08-11-2007 10:50 AM

The most overlooked of the fine Leupold scopes are the fixed power scopes. The 6X36 FXII and the 6X42 FXIII are great scopes and i am lucky to have four of them. The 6X42 FXIII cannot be beat in low light.

bkt 08-11-2007 11:46 AM

Just beware of counterfeits.

Catfish 09-10-2007 10:32 PM

I`ve got over 30 of them. I`ve got them on rifle, handgun and shotguns. I`ve even got them on .22 rimfire rifles and handgun, is their another scope maker????????

OFADAN 09-11-2007 01:40 AM

pioneer461 - please check you PM!

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