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chickgun 09-17-2011 04:16 PM

Leather vs. Nylon?
Okay I realize leather is leather and nylon is nylon. What is the difference for the holsters made of the different fabrics? Is nylon really not as good as leather? I've found different holsters and they all look good, but I don't know what to think. Here are two different holster brands. One leather and one nylon. They both look pretty good. What do you think?
Leather Holsters
Nylon Holster

Glasshartt 09-17-2011 04:23 PM

It depends on your weather conditions, how you are going to wear it, how much abuse it is going to take, personal preference, and cost. For regular work, I prefer nylon, it is more durable, lighter weight, and if it gets wet, no biggie. For dress, or court, the leather looks "sharper." It's like dress shoes or tennies.

ninjatoth 09-19-2011 03:15 AM

Leather tends to leave the oils on you guns intact and keep the gun lubricated,nylon tends to suck all the oils off your gun,leather is better unless you have a stainless steel gun,in that case it don't hurt to save a few bucks on nylon.

c3shooter 09-19-2011 03:33 AM

Leather for dress up- BBQ gun sort of thing. Nylon for business. Although I DO have a leather holster for a 10 inch 357- they don't MAKE a nylon one for that.

chickgun 09-22-2011 10:16 PM

Thanks that will help. Any other advice on the subject would be great. Thanks to all that already have posted and responded.

Lindenwood 10-02-2011 05:09 PM

I'll second that leather usually looks nicer, but nylon is indeed arguably more weather-resistant and definitely cheaper. I don't have any particular attractions to leather so I always go with Nylon.

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