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StainlessSteel215 02-14-2013 01:53 AM

INCREDIBLE custom IWB holsters I just bought
Forgive the soft plug, but this guy deserves some serious props for the 2 holsters he just created for me. He's a college kid up in NY who creates custom blades and INCREDIBLY well-built holsters that are Kydex wrapped in premium leather.

The end result....perfection.

He just posted this video showcasing the 2 holsters he did for my Glock 30 and my Springfield Ultra Compact 1911.... plus another one for the Glock 19. He's slowly getting more and more pistol molds with each new order. Check him out!

He's getting better with each blade and holster....

70cuda383 02-14-2013 11:40 AM

They look nice on the outside, but bare kydex on the inside always makes me nervous. the first holster I ever had was an uncle mikes kydex that I used for IPSC production class shooting. within 3 months, I had worn the finish off the front of my slide from the constant holstering and drawing as the metal rubbed against the hard plastic.

does he have plans to try to line the kydex with some sort of felt? my safariland thigh rig that I used in the desert didn't put a single mark on the weapon in 12 months. it was a kydex shell with felt liner.

StainlessSteel215 02-14-2013 01:11 PM

Felt liner huh? Thats a great idea. The DeSantis IWB leather holster I use now has a nice soft yeah thats a very good suggestion. I didnt notice much holster wearing yet (a slight area on the tip of the slide where it looked smoothed out) and I jammed in my Glock 30 at least 50 times last night trying to loosen it up a little.

Yeah thats a great tip. again he's new at this and just looking to make a few bucks while he gains more experience. Ill suggest that one thanks Cuda

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